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  • pit 6:07 pm on April 30, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    How to implement a loading bar with J2me 

    Do you need a simple, effective j2me loading bar for your long-running operations? And would you like to avoid using (horrible) forms and gauges? Here’s a simple component you can freely use, modify or even ignore :)

    j2me canvas loading bar

    You can see a live preview on the emulator. To use it, you’ll simply instantiate and start it, like this:

    LoadingBar bar = new LoadingBar(100, 40, 5, 10, 0xff0000);

    For an explanation of source code you can go to my Forum Nokia Article: J2ME Canvas Loading Bar. If you simply want rude code, here it is: LoadingBar.java, and here is a sample Canvas using it: LoadingBarCanvas.java.

    • cibenxs 6:14 am on May 14, 2008 Permalink

      sorry before…

      i am interesting with this aplication…

      but i can understand how to implement this aplication

      can i get tutorial to using it

      thx beofre

    • pit 11:13 am on May 14, 2008 Permalink

      Hi Cibenxs,

      you’re right, its use was not clear from my article, so I’ve posted a sample Canvas that makes use of it. You can find its source code at the end of the post itself.


    • cibenxs 9:56 am on May 17, 2008 Permalink

      thx for ur attention
      but can i get this canvas source code this application now, please?
      because i want to using this application to combine with my application to solve my final project.

      can i?

      thx before

    • cibenxs 9:58 am on May 17, 2008 Permalink

      oh… i1am sory.i`m not look loadingcanvasbas. java before. thanks you very much

    • pit 10:02 am on May 17, 2008 Permalink

      You’re welcome :)

    • nagesh 10:19 am on January 20, 2009 Permalink

      When and Where should i call the bar.stop method?

      I’m not getting it please help me to solve it.

    • pit 10:48 am on January 20, 2009 Permalink

      Hi nagesh!

      you can call the stop() method in any moment, and it will stop the Timer (and so, the animation) associated to the Loading bar. You should also remember to call it when you do not need the Loading bar anymore, since it will free up resources associated with the animation task itself.

      Feel free to ask if you have any more doubts! :)

    • nagesh 11:07 am on January 20, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Pit,

      Can u please tell me through the code as to where should i place bar.stop() method in LoadingBarCanvas.java file.

      Because i tried to place it in some places and checked, it was not working.

    • nagesh 11:51 am on January 20, 2009 Permalink


      Are you there?

  • pit 5:27 pm on April 30, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Mobile Web Server 1.3 released: ready to share! 

    Mobile Web Server has reached 1.3 version, and It’s time to give it a try!

    Mobile Web Server

    The setup process is really simple: you must register, and then download the software (a single SIS installer). Done that, you’re ready to share all your phone content! More in details, here are the features of the last release:

    • Guest and friend user accounts
    • Calendar – manage your calendar, and share your availability for others too
    • Messaging – SMS inbox/outbox and SMS sending
    • Phone log – view missed calls
    • Contacts – manage your contacts easily
    • Blog – tell stories on your journeys
    • Camera – share instant pictures
    • Gallery – browse pictures taken with camera phone, and share them to others
    • Guestbook – visitors can leave their comments
    • Contact me – visitors can send instant messages to you
    • Presence – share your status and device state
    • Web chat – communicate with friends

    The concept behind it is really attractive: have your web server always with you, and share things without the need to upload anything anywhere. Even letting users use your phone features, like taking instant picture with the phone camera!

    Mobile Web Service using phone Camera

    For sure, at least here in Italy, network speed and operator plans should evolve a bit to fully allow this technology to be really used. Also, with a lot of tools to upload you content on your favorite sites, I’m a bit unsure about the real target, in terms of users and possible usages, of this product.

    Said that, I definitely think It’s cool, at least for real geeks!

    And, for the curious out there, if you want to browse my phone content, you can simply go to: http://jappit.mymobilesite.net.

  • pit 2:34 pm on April 29, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    TvProgrammi.com goes mobile! 

    TvProgrammi.com, the Italian TV guide, finally has its mobile version!

    TvProgrammi mobile

    If you have a phone supporting J2me (MIDP 2.0), you can download its first version directly from http://www.tvprogrammi.com.

    Navigation is really straightfoward:

    • 1 .. 9 keys allow channel switching
    • left/right keys change the selected date
    • up/down keys scroll the program text
    • left soft key updates programs informations
    • right soft key closes the application

    This version is not suitable for devices with small displays (let’s say, with a width of less than 128px), but for those a new version will be released soon.

  • pit 12:00 pm on April 28, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    New KuneriLite version with cool improvements 

    KuneriLite is a great tool to extend FlashLite functionalities adding support for native features like local filesystem read/write, camera recording, accelerometer capabilities and much more. All these without the need to have any Symbian knowledge.

    Practically, you interact with KuneriLite engine via localhost calls. For example, if you want to get recursive folder listing starting from current application base path, you can simply do:

    klCommand=dir&klPath=\\&klArgs=/s", targetMc);

    Their tool comes with an integrated wizard and an emulator, to be used with Symbian S60 3rd edition SDK Maintenance Release, to allow full development without the need of a real device.

    KuneriLite logo

    Now they’ve just released version, that fixes issues with Flash Lite 3 and add new cool features, as you can read on their blog, and it’s more than ever worth a try!

    • Ugur 2:30 pm on April 28, 2008 Permalink

      Thanks for the post Pit! Great to hear you like it :)

  • pit 4:03 pm on April 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Google launches mobile image ads 

    From Google Mobile Blog good news for mobile developers: Mobile Image Ads will allow us to integrate Google image ads within our mobile websites the same way, and with the same useful analysis and report tools, as their web counterpart.

    Google Mobile Ads

    At the moment is still unclear how, and if, these ads could be used within mobile applications, like with other mobile ads services (i.e. AdMob), but it’ll be worth investigating a bit :)

  • pit 2:29 pm on April 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers 

    Mobile browsers are really grown up, and it’s a clear symptom of this the fact that W3C published a Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers (found via Ajaxian). You can simply launch test page within your mobile browser and you’ll get visual feedbacks about supported features, including:

    • XMLHTTPRequest object support
    • <canvas> element with its Javascript API
    • contenteditable, to allow rich content editing
    • transparent PNG support
    • Dynamic SVG
    • CSS3 selectors

    Test page will give you a visual feedback like this:

    mobile acid test result

    Where each green square means that a feature is supported on your phone, while it’s not with a red one.
    If you want to give it a try just point your browser to this url: http://tinyurl.com/37e33p, or use this QR code:

    Mobile acid test QR code

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