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  • pit 1:48 pm on April 14, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Some news after a long time! 

    It’s been a while since the last update of this blog, mainly due to a lot of ongoing activities, work and apps.

    In the next posts I’ll publish more detailed info about the published apps and the other stuff that involved me in the past months.

    As for the very last news, I’m happy to announce that I was announced as a winner of the Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition recently held on the Nokia Developer Wiki.

    As for the blog itself, the bugs that prevented new comments to be posted have been fixed, so you’re welcome to contribute with your ideas, questions and suggestions.

    Meanwhile, thank you for waiting, and stay tuned!

    • William 9:46 pm on April 24, 2012 Permalink

      I have a suggestion for an app.

      Sms + Call Counter which would allow people to monitor their usage more closely, with in-depth stats and settings to put in your contracted plan. Would be ideal to have an app where I could monitor my usage in this way, especially for those on contracts. Most currently are either widgets or not very feature full.

    • pit 10:08 pm on April 24, 2012 Permalink

      Thank you for your suggestion William, It sounds like a really useful idea. I’ll check it out more in-depth and let you know if I manage to implement it!

    • Luca 10:52 am on April 25, 2012 Permalink

      Complimenti Alessandro per le belle e utili applicazioni…soprattutto quelle sulla Costituzione Italiana, sul Codice Civile e sul Codice penale… Sarebbe bellissimo se potresti realizzare un’app anche sulla Sacra Bibbia (Antico Testamento e Nuovo Testamento) e la Preghiera sulla Liturgia delle ore della Chiesa proprio come le app sulla Costituzione… Spero proprio che presto la realizzerai, sarebbe molto molto utile… GRAZIE… :-)

    • pit 1:29 pm on April 25, 2012 Permalink

      Grazie per i complimenti e per i suggerimenti Luca! Le idee mi sembrano molto valide, spero di riuscire a realizzarle al più presto :)

    • Luca 10:19 am on April 26, 2012 Permalink

      Grazie a te… Lo spero tanto… Le aspetto da molto ma non trovavo il modo di contattarti… ;-)
      Non c’è ancora una versione della Bibbia sul Nokia Store in Italiano…ci sono in inglese e non Cattoliche… Mi piace tanto come hai realizzato le app sulla Costituzione e le altre… Quindi aspetterò con ansia queste due utilissime app… Grazie ancora… ;-)

    • Matt 8:18 pm on April 30, 2012 Permalink

      Hi Alessandro, I use your GCal app on my Motorola i465 Clutch, and recently after checking for updates it states: “A new version (0.3.6) is available. Download it now?” then “Please visit http://www.jappit.com to update Gcal” but I only see 0.3.5 on this site. Could you please post a link? Thanks!

    • William 8:24 pm on July 18, 2012 Permalink

      Any apps in prog Japp?

      What’s your thought of designing an app which would send picture messages via the internet? Could possibly be a good app for purchases due to the nature of saving some call time balance in the long run. I know quite a few apps on the popular android os and Iphone’s os.

      Would be nice to see Symbian on the up. Kudos for your hard work!

    • Michele 4:36 am on October 1, 2012 Permalink

      Ciao. Volevo chiederti se aggiornerai l’app metropolitane, visto che a Napoli hanno aperto la nuova fermata di Toledo della linda 1

    • pit 7:05 am on October 1, 2012 Permalink

      Ciao Michele,

      grazie della segnalazione, provvederò ad aggiornarla quanto prima.

  • pit 3:13 pm on February 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Symbian now completely open source! 

    The Symbian countdown has ended, and the mystery is finally solved: Symbian is now completely open source!

    What does this mean practically? From the official announcement:

    Any individual or organization can now take, use and modify the code for any purpose, whether that be for a mobile device or for something else entirely.

    And more:

    All 108 packages containing the source code of the Symbian platform can now be downloaded from Symbian’s developer web site (tiny.symbian.org/open), under the terms of the Eclipse Public License and other open source licenses. Also available for download are the complete development kits for creating applications (the Symbian Developer Kit) and mobile devices (the Product Development Kit).

    Even if already announced, this step is huge for the mobile ecosystem, and I could not agree more with the words of Eben Moglen, Founding Director, Software Freedom Law Center:

    Software freedom on mobile hardware is absolutely necessary to the preservation of privacy and the encouragement of innovation in mobile technology, and to protecting the freedom of the Net overall.

    Well done, Symbian!

  • pit 3:59 pm on February 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    The Symbian countdown mistery continues… 

    Can you solve it? :)

  • pit 7:05 pm on January 31, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    WordPress update progress and the experience on mobile 

    I’ve just upgraded WordPress to its latest version, and can say without any doubts that its upgrade process is by far the best I’ve seen for any Web-based tools.

    Why I think it’s great? Because you have to perform 2 mouse clicks and wait a couple of seconds, and you can continue working on your WordPress (upgraded) blog without any other hassles.

    Looking at that made me think about the update process of mobile applications.

    In many cases, applications are simply not aware of the availability of updated versions, and so users are supposed to manually check (e.g.: going on the publisher website) for updates. What does this mean? Simple: terrible User Experience (if even we can say that), and in most cases old (and possibly bugged) versions of your applications running everywhere.

    For this reasons, developers started to implement their own “updates-availability-check” systems, letting their applications check for updates and prompt the user about the availability of those. Anyway, this approach has 2 important drawbacks:

    • users must open the application in order to have it check for updates
    • the very same logic (checking for updates, downloading and installing the updated application) is replicated in each application

    Luckily enough, mobile platforms are fast moving toward an integrated approach, based on the concept that updates have to be pushed to the user. Examples of this are iPhone and Maemo, both notifying the user in case of available updates.

    While this is currently the best approach from a UX point of view, the same makes me wonder if a better approach (maybe totally transparent to the user?) could ever be possible, considering all the technology and security concerns of such an approach when talking about mobile devices.

  • pit 1:44 pm on September 2, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    SMS TAG Web Runtime widget: apply labels to your SMS messages 

    SMS TAG is a Web Runtime widget for S60 5th edition devices, that allows you to apply labels to your SMS messages, to easily categorize and find them.

    Current features of SMS TAG include:

    • Ability to choose a color for each label
    • Text based search of SMS messages (currently, Inbox only)
    • Integrated auto-update functionality: widget can update without the need to install a new version
    • Integrated SMS forwarding and deleting

    SMS TAG is available for free on the OVI Store: download SMS TAG from OVI Store.

    Next versions will add some useful features, as a more powerful search functionality. If you have suggestions or feedbacks about SMS TAG, please leave a comment here, or on SMS TAG OVI page.

    • mani 10:04 am on September 3, 2009 Permalink

      It is a good widget. Good work.
      I have seen all ur widgets in betavine competition.U have been inspiration to us.( we submitted Rock & me Allaround widget .. but no price ).

      I wanted to know if i have to upload a widget into ovi store for free do i have to have a account in publish.ovi.com.

    • pit 10:21 am on September 3, 2009 Permalink

      Hi mani,

      thank you very much for your appreciation :)

      I’ve seen your AllAround widget, and it is absolutely good and useful!

      To publish on OVI you have to create a Publisher account, and its cost is 50 Euro. Once you have your account, you can publish all the apps you want without any extra charge.


    • Vaibhaw 4:16 am on December 17, 2009 Permalink

      I have a i8910 and hence cannot access Ovi Store on my phone, is there somewhere else I can download this app from?

  • pit 3:09 pm on November 27, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Web Runtime Service API: handling synchronous and asynchronous calls 

    Just back from another month of deep work, with a brand new article :)

    With S60 5th edition, Web Runtime and Flash Lite gained access to Platform Services: this means that you can finally access application data, location, sensors and system information directly from your Flash Lite application or WRT widget.

    Talking about Web Runtime, new Service APIs were introduced to let you integrate those functionality with simple JavaScript code.

    Among the various concepts to learn when dealing with these APIs, there is the synchronous/asynchronous way of calling each single method: this, apart from being a difference from a programming point of view, brings to different approaches and results on your WRT Widget.

    This “WRT Service API Synchronous and Asynchronous calls” article on Forum Nokia Wiki will guide through the details of these differences, explaining how to use both of them, and underlining possible advantages of the one over the other.

    As always, any kind of feedbacks is welcome! :)

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