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  • pit 11:50 am on February 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Gcal 0.3.2: fix for GMT timezone issue 

    Small update for Gcal, that fixes some bugs reported by users, as:

    • “All day” wrongly shown for all events, for some particular timezones (e.g.: GMT)
    • Right softkey not working on popups on some specific Nokia devices

    You can download the latest version from the download button here, or directly updating from inside Gcal itself.

    • Julie 1:52 pm on February 23, 2009 Permalink

      Thanks Pit.

      I’m now correctly getting timed entries in gCal. Only showing the Calendars which had entries is great, but it does have one slight issue. If no calendars have entries, you just see a blank page. It would be helpful to have a message that says “No entries for today”, as otherwise you’re left wondering whether it’s finished (or even started) searching.

      Also, it would useful to have the day name in the header for the page (e.g. Mon 23/02/09 instead of just 23/02/2009).


    • pit 1:10 pm on February 24, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Julie,

      thanks for the tips, they’ll be surely included in next Gcal update :)


    • Stella 8:56 am on March 13, 2009 Permalink

      Hey how did you get the form elements to have colors, can u give me an insight on that. i’ve been trying to set the background color of forms and form elements in j2me for a long time now

      thanks in advance

    • Dirk 7:28 am on March 16, 2009 Permalink

      I am struggling to get GCal working on my phone. I have a Samsung L760i. When I launch the app on my phone, I usually get a ‘There was an error while loading calendars data.’ After a number of Retrys my calendars start to load, but then I get an ‘Error while retrieving events’ error, leaving me with no calendar information to browse. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • pit 5:21 pm on March 16, 2009 Permalink

      Hi all,

      @Stella: I’m not using forms within Gcal, but low level graphics (e.g.: Canvas)

      @Dirk: I’ve just released a new Gcal version, that will hopefully solve this kind of issues. Give it a try and, if you still encounter this error, please report to me the exact error message that you get (now it should be more meaningful)


    • Cliff 3:22 am on March 29, 2009 Permalink

      Sorry to report I’m still getting the “Error: Login exception (400)” message many Samsung Instinct users have reported.

      Any plans for a fix to this?

    • Guillaume 2:00 pm on April 21, 2009 Permalink

      I use GCal on my LG and i have a 2 hours error on times between real times and times on my screen in GCal

    • pit 4:54 pm on April 30, 2009 Permalink


      @Cliff: thanks for your feedback, you help would be surely useful. I should be able to setup a test version in the next days, so that you can test it

      @Guillame: check out version 0.3.5, where you can manually specify your timezone (or simply pickup the timezone sent by Google Calendar itself), and check if it helps with your timezone issue :)


    • John 10:55 pm on May 7, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Pit,

      Do you think there’s any way of caching events that have already been loaded? Currently when you change day and then go back again it seems to re-download all the information.


  • pit 2:42 pm on April 23, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    FlashLite and MovieClipLoader loadClip issue 

    I’ve recently faced a tedious issue with MovieClipLoader and its loadClip method and finally realized its root cause thanks to this post on Jesse Warden’s blog.

    Flash Lite logo

    What happens is this: if you start loading a clip via loadClip(), and then, before it finishes, you remove the target MovieClip, FlashLite (noticed the same behavior in both FL2.x and FL3.0) will raise a

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