Web Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers

Mobile browsers are really grown up, and it’s a clear symptom of this the fact that W3C published a Compatibility Test for Mobile Browsers (found via Ajaxian). You can simply launch test page within your mobile browser and you’ll get visual feedbacks about supported features, including:

  • XMLHTTPRequest object support
  • <canvas> element with its Javascript API
  • contenteditable, to allow rich content editing
  • transparent PNG support
  • Dynamic SVG
  • CSS3 selectors

Test page will give you a visual feedback like this:

mobile acid test result

Where each green square means that a feature is supported on your phone, while it’s not with a red one.
If you want to give it a try just point your browser to this url: http://tinyurl.com/37e33p, or use this QR code:

Mobile acid test QR code

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