Gcal update: version 0.3.5 with manual timezone setting 

After a while far from Gcal development (due to a lot of undercover work :) ) here is a new update for the Java ME Google Calendar client, specifically released to fix the different timezone issues that various users are reporting.

With version 0.3.5 it’s now possible to manually set the preferred timezone from the application Settings screen. To do so, you have 2 choices:

  • If you want to use the timezone sent by Google Calendar server, you can set to “Yes” the “Use server timezone?” option
  • If you want to explicitly set your timezone, then set the previous option to “No“, and then specify your timezone offset in the “Timezone” field

If you have problems with timezone in your GCal client, then you should definitely update. Just update from within GCal (“Options” -> “More..” -> “Check updates”), or download version 0.3.5 from here:

JAD file is also available for download here: Gcal JAD download.