New KuneriLite version with cool improvements

KuneriLite is a great tool to extend FlashLite functionalities adding support for native features like local filesystem read/write, camera recording, accelerometer capabilities and much more. All these without the need to have any Symbian knowledge.

Practically, you interact with KuneriLite engine via localhost calls. For example, if you want to get recursive folder listing starting from current application base path, you can simply do:

klCommand=dir&klPath=\\&klArgs=/s", targetMc);

Their tool comes with an integrated wizard and an emulator, to be used with Symbian S60 3rd edition SDK Maintenance Release, to allow full development without the need of a real device.

KuneriLite logo

Now they’ve just released version, that fixes issues with Flash Lite 3 and add new cool features, as you can read on their blog, and it’s more than ever worth a try!

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