Mobile Web Server 1.3 released: ready to share!

Mobile Web Server has reached 1.3 version, and It’s time to give it a try!

Mobile Web Server

The setup process is really simple: you must register, and then download the software (a single SIS installer). Done that, you’re ready to share all your phone content! More in details, here are the features of the last release:

  • Guest and friend user accounts
  • Calendar – manage your calendar, and share your availability for others too
  • Messaging – SMS inbox/outbox and SMS sending
  • Phone log – view missed calls
  • Contacts – manage your contacts easily
  • Blog – tell stories on your journeys
  • Camera – share instant pictures
  • Gallery – browse pictures taken with camera phone, and share them to others
  • Guestbook – visitors can leave their comments
  • Contact me – visitors can send instant messages to you
  • Presence – share your status and device state
  • Web chat – communicate with friends

The concept behind it is really attractive: have your web server always with you, and share things without the need to upload anything anywhere. Even letting users use your phone features, like taking instant picture with the phone camera!

Mobile Web Service using phone Camera

For sure, at least here in Italy, network speed and operator plans should evolve a bit to fully allow this technology to be really used. Also, with a lot of tools to upload you content on your favorite sites, I’m a bit unsure about the real target, in terms of users and possible usages, of this product.

Said that, I definitely think It’s cool, at least for real geeks!

And, for the curious out there, if you want to browse my phone content, you can simply go to:

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