Web Runtime Service API: handling synchronous and asynchronous calls

Just back from another month of deep work, with a brand new article :)

With S60 5th edition, Web Runtime and Flash Lite gained access to Platform Services: this means that you can finally access application data, location, sensors and system information directly from your Flash Lite application or WRT widget.

Talking about Web Runtime, new Service APIs were introduced to let you integrate those functionality with simple JavaScript code.

Among the various concepts to learn when dealing with these APIs, there is the synchronous/asynchronous way of calling each single method: this, apart from being a difference from a programming point of view, brings to different approaches and results on your WRT Widget.

This “WRT Service API Synchronous and Asynchronous calls” article on Forum Nokia Wiki will guide through the details of these differences, explaining how to use both of them, and underlining possible advantages of the one over the other.

As always, any kind of feedbacks is welcome! :)

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