Let your website go mobile with Mobile Joomla!

Kuneri just released a new, powerful tool for all mobile web developers: Mobile Joomla!

Mobile Joomla allows to turn an existing Joomla website into a mobile website, compatible with all phones in the world!

Its features include:

  • Advaced User Agent detection (multiple methods i.e WURFL, Compact WURFL, fixed or none)
  • Multi site support
  • Advanced image adaptation
  • Flexible layout settings
  • Sub-domain redirection
  • Advanced device categorization: XHTML, iPhone, iMode and WAP
  • Custom templates per device category
  • Menu exclusion per device category
  • Fully customizable with different modules and templates
  • Compatibility with 3rd party extensions, modules and components

Mobile Joomla really seems to address all the major hurdles of mobile web development, and I really can’t expect to try it out :)

Kudos to Ugur and his great team!!

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