Guarana UI: a jQuery-Based UI Library for Nokia WRT

Mobile widget developers know that one of the biggest difficulties when creating a new widget is to build a nice, usable interface that is compatible with the largest set of devices, touch or non-touch. Components and code snippets commonly found on standard JavaScript frameworks are quite always not suited for mobile devices, and result in poor or non-optimal results.

Finally, Forum Nokia has released a UI framework that promises to solve all these issues, by providing a complete, tested and cross-compatible set of ready-to-use components: Guarana UI!

The framework is really complete, counting more that 20 components, compatible with touch (S60 5th edition) and non touch devices (S60 3.2 and 3.1, with some exceptions for the 3.1).

Moreover, the framework includes some interesting features as asynchronous loading of resources, that is absolutely useful to optimize performances and memory usage within a widget.

To get started, Forum Nokia provides extensive documentation, a Quick Start guide and sample code to show how each component looks like and how it can be used.

Kudos to Forum Nokia developers, as their effort will definitely bring fresh air to all widgets’ developers out there! :)

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