Adobe Flash Lite Distributable dropped

Just came back from a relaxing weekend, with a totally un-relaxing news: as reported, among others, by Leonardo, Alessandro and Mariam, Adobe just dropped the Flash Lite Distributable Player, to entirely focus on Flash 10.1 (for the mobile browser), Air Mobile (for standalone) and Flash Lite 4 (for low-end devices).

This is a huge, even if someway predictable, news for all mobile developers and companies that have been and are currently focusing their efforts around the Flash Lite Distributable player to provide their content to users.

I imagine some more news coming in the following days or weeks, that would help to clarify how mobile devices, distributions channels and development tools will evolve. Right now, we can just guess it’ll take some time to have a new, clear strategy built around Flash on mobile, and I’d be glad to hear your opinions about this.

Meanwhile, let’s join Dale in his minute of silence for the brave Dandelion! :)

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