New Web Runtime widget for the Forum Nokia website

Today I’d like to present a new Web Runtime widget designed for the Forum Nokia website.

The Forum Nokia widget allows to easily browse and read latest events, blog posts and discussion boards messages taken directly from the Forum Nokia website.

This first version has support for both touch and non-touch screen devices, with slightly different layouts and interaction depending on the used device.

Future widget’s versions will likely provide greater control over the retrieved and displayed information, and allow users also to post messages on blogs/boards directly from their mobile devices.

The Forum Nokia widget is available for download here: Forum Nokia Web Runtime widget.

For a full description of the design and development phases of the Forum Nokia widget, you can check out this Forum Nokia Wiki article: Mobilising websites: building a WRT widget for the Forum Nokia website.

Being just a first release, there’s a lot of room for fixes, improvements and new features: if you want to help to improve the Forum Nokia widget, just leave a comment with your feedback below, or contact me directly :)

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