First Live Screensaver from Pikkoo: Live Foreca Weather!

Today Pikkoo introduced the first Live Screensaver, in partnership with Foreca, in order to serve live weather forecasts directly to mobile screensavers!

As from Ugur Kaner‘s words, CEO of Pikkoo:

“Why should you launch an application to access information, while information could be served right in front of you? Our partnership with Foreca is one great example of how weather information could be brought to users, without users needing to go and get themselves. Pikkoo interactive Live Screensavers can similarly be applied to a multitude of uses to a variety of industries as a value-added service that can capture any mobile user today.”

With the Live Screensaver concept, users are able to access live data without the need to launch any applications. Moreover, Live Screensavers do support full user interaction, so allowing to build rich-user experience within the classical screensaver container.

You can download your customized Live Weather Screensaver from this page:

Waiting for the next Live Screensavers to be released, the question is: which one would you like to see next?

Congratulations to Pikkoo for the great job!

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