Gcal version 0.3: touch support, local events, and a bunch of fixes!

Version 0.3 of Gcal, the J2ME Google Calendar client, is finally out!

Most of the work was done to improve device compatibility and fix bugs on specific handsets (e.g.: BlackBerry devices, Nokia E61, and many more).

Release details

New cool features are introduced:

  • Touch-screen support: if you have a device supporting touch, now you can easily interact with Gcal with stylus/fingers!
    Touch gestures are also implemented: go from a day to another simply swiping!
  • Event saving on local calendar: you can now save an event on your local calendar. If you’re creating a new event, just check the “Save on local calendar” option. Instead, if you’re viewing a saved event, choose “Actions” -> “Save locally” from the options menu.

New settings are also available:

  • Font size: introduced to improve readability, and to allow users with touch-screen to have larger touchable areas
  • Alternative soft-keys: devices without hardware soft-keys can now use ‘*’ and ‘#keys to substitute them, and so use Gcal without any more problems
  • Show only calendars with events: this will allow users with a lot of calendars to show only the ones actually selected in the “Filter calendars” screen, greatly improving events readability

Among the fixed bugs:

  • Calendar loading errors on various handsets
  • Filters scrolling and selection in calendar filtering screen
  • Screen size/orientation changes are now better handled

Give your feedback

A lot of new features are still under development, and surely a lot are the missing features that you would like to see into your Gcal. Just leave your comment here, and your feedback will be surely considered for the next Gcal releases!

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