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  • pit 3:44 pm on February 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Gcal version 0.3: touch support, local events, and a bunch of fixes! 

    Version 0.3 of Gcal, the J2ME Google Calendar client, is finally out!

    Most of the work was done to improve device compatibility and fix bugs on specific handsets (e.g.: BlackBerry devices, Nokia E61, and many more).

    Release details

    New cool features are introduced:

    • Touch-screen support: if you have a device supporting touch, now you can easily interact with Gcal with stylus/fingers!
      Touch gestures are also implemented: go from a day to another simply swiping!
    • Event saving on local calendar: you can now save an event on your local calendar. If you’re creating a new event, just check the “Save on local calendar” option. Instead, if you’re viewing a saved event, choose “Actions” -> “Save locally” from the options menu.

    New settings are also available:

    • Font size: introduced to improve readability, and to allow users with touch-screen to have larger touchable areas
    • Alternative soft-keys: devices without hardware soft-keys can now use ‘*’ and ‘#keys to substitute them, and so use Gcal without any more problems
    • Show only calendars with events: this will allow users with a lot of calendars to show only the ones actually selected in the “Filter calendars” screen, greatly improving events readability

    Among the fixed bugs:

    • Calendar loading errors on various handsets
    • Filters scrolling and selection in calendar filtering screen
    • Screen size/orientation changes are now better handled

    Give your feedback

    A lot of new features are still under development, and surely a lot are the missing features that you would like to see into your Gcal. Just leave your comment here, and your feedback will be surely considered for the next Gcal releases!

    • Cindy Christensen 7:44 pm on January 18, 2010 Permalink

      I have a Samsung Highlight(SGH-T749). When trying to login, I get a “Exception: java.lang.SecurityException: application not authorized to access the restricted API” message. Is there anything I can do?


    • Guy 10:33 am on July 22, 2010 Permalink

      hi installed the latest version, logged into my google calendar but I see no calnders. why is that?

    • David Bilek 11:31 pm on November 18, 2010 Permalink

      Hi, I have installed application (emgeton enzo) and got certificate error when I try login. Could anyone help me.

  • pit 10:53 am on January 11, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Gcal update: version 0.2 released! 

    NEW: check out the new Gcal 0.3 version!

    Holidays are gone, but gifts are not! So, here’s a big update to Gcal, the J2ME Google Calendar client: version 0.2 is available for download!

    Thanks to your precious support and feedback a lot of improvements and bug fixes have been done: thank you all (and please don’t stop :) )!

    New features of this version include:

    • Check for updates and auto-update features: you can now manually check for updates, or switch on auto-updates (from Settings screen) to always get the latest Gcal releases!
    • More control over events: delete, duplicate and copy an event from a calendar to another in a snap!
    • Comments: It’s now possible to add and view comments for an event
    • More event details: event visibility (private/public) and available/busy status now available when creating an event
    • Map viewing: different types of maps have been added, so you can now switch among satellite/terrain and other views
    • Sending an event, with his details, via SMS

    Important bugs fixed in this release:

    • Character encoding: terrible lack of first versions, character encoding should now correctly work
    • Wrong time when creating/showing events, with some timezones
    • Events order sometimes scrambled
    • Wrong login error messages: now, different types of errors are correctly handled
    • Calendars filter sometimes resetted without changing the account
    • Different types of errors and Exceptions when receiving events (e.g.: on Nokia S40 devices)

    Many other minor fixes have been done, so it’s highly recommended to upgrade your Gcal to 0.2 version. As always, for any kind of feedbacks or bug report, please leave a comment here :)

  • pit 11:55 am on December 27, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Hosted accounts support added to GCal J2ME client 

    Christmas has passed, hope you had a great time! Now it’s time to prepare for New Year’s eve :)

    Meanwhile, here’s the first little upgrade to GCal, the J2ME Google Calendar client: if you use Google Apps with your mapped domain, now you can use your hosted accounts with GCal as well!

    Download GCal v0.1.1 here.

    Edit: this version also fixes a bug with some Nokia S60 3rd edition FP2 devices, who previously got stuck at splash screen.

  • pit 3:44 pm on December 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    J2ME Google Calendar client! 

    NEW: check out the new Gcal 0.3 version!

    Christmas is rapidly approaching, and it’s time for presents! :)

    For those who have always wanted a Google Calendar client for their Java ME enabled cellphones, it is finally here!

    J2ME Google Calendar

    It’s still an early alpha, but everyone is welcome to try it and give feedbacks.

    Features of this first release include:

    • calendar filtering
    • events creation
    • event searching
    • events location map viewing

    And here are some screenshots:

    Daily events

    Calendars filter

    Calendars filter

    Event creation

    Event creation

    Event location map

    Event location map

    Date selection

    Date selection

    Event search

    Event search

    Settings screen

    Settings screen

    For all requests, feedbacks and bugs please leave a comment to this post :)

    Release notes

    Compatibility issues:

    • Some Nokia Series60 1st and 2nd edition devices have problems in handling HTTP redirects: I’m working on a fix, that will be available in a future GCal release
    • You must specify your account name without the ‘@gmail.com’ part, otherwise authentication will fail (an automatic check will be added in the next release): you can now specify ‘@gmail.com’ part in your account name, and authentication will fail no more. Also, if you’re using a mapped domain with Google, you can now use your hosted account data as well.
    • JohnnyPea 9:48 pm on April 6, 2009 Permalink

      Thank You for an awesome app!!! It would be great if it could synchronize with local calendar ;)I mean when I create/delete/modify event in local calendar, this change will be made in Gcal as well and “vice versa”(on startup or on refresh) and then it will synchronize with Google Calendar.

    • Chris 5:59 pm on April 30, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Pit, just FYI, I still get the certificate error on my Helio Ocean with the new 0.3.5 version. It seems that other apps requiring a root certificate have been able to include the certificate in the java app and then sign the app when a root certificate version is no longer valid. I found a couple web pages regarding this, but I have to admit, it’s a little over my head;-) Keep up the great work (I may consider changing phones and carriers some day when my contact is up, just to use this app:) Cheers… Chris

    • Tim Strauman 7:22 pm on May 7, 2009 Permalink

      Hi! I installed the program on an LG Lotus (Sprint) and after I give it my email and password and try to login, I get the following message: “Error: Login exception (400, Bad Request). I’ve tried it with two different Gmail accounts and keep getting the same error message. Any suggestions? Thanks very much for what looks like a very useful app.

    • Tim Strauman 1:14 am on May 8, 2009 Permalink

      I went back and tried again (LG Lotus) and I noticed that when I enter my password and hit “OK”, the program doesn’t keep all of the letters in the password — which may explain why it’s giving me an error message when I try to log into Google Calendar. Any idea how I might fix that? Thanks again.

    • Jeroen 1:13 pm on May 27, 2009 Permalink

      Works great!, maybe for improvement. Let it sync with the local calendar? So, it does need to load or connection required everytime.

      Good progress!

    • Dirk de Kam 12:03 pm on July 11, 2009 Permalink

      Great app. Just one thing really: After changing settings i choose ‘save’ and then i have to click ‘exit’. The app exits instead of the ‘settings’ screen. (Nokia E61).

    • Girish Kapoor 12:49 am on July 31, 2009 Permalink

      I installed it on Blackberry curve. The Account screen displays Login and Exit buttons which are not accessible on BlackBerry.

    • Didier Boydens 9:11 pm on August 30, 2009 Permalink

      Hi I installed your app on an samsung S5230. The login to google calendar works but then I get following error:

      Error loading calendars
      Data(Java.Lang.exception XML: Java.Lang.Nullpointer.Exception: 0)

      Any idea wath I did wrong? Forgot something during install?


      Didier Boydens

    • Alan 5:55 pm on September 22, 2009 Permalink

      This is probably a stupid question, but will this work with the Nokia 6600 fold?

    • GCal 11:09 am on October 10, 2009 Permalink


      I tried GCal for my Samsung S5230 – java – I always get troubles:
      first password entering
      error message, then sometimes it works
      I cannot see a whole month

      is there any help??


    • Jesuli 11:27 am on February 19, 2010 Permalink

      I’m getting an error message with my Samsung 5320.
      Error loading calendars’ data (java.io.IOException: Unknown erro 0 during socket::read)
      After that I can only quit the program.

    • Jan 9:57 pm on September 30, 2010 Permalink

      I have installed it on Siemens ME75. The Account screen displays Login and Exit on softeky buttons, but it is not possible to press them – it performs another action like “tabbing”… So I am not able to login… Even * and # key is not working….

    • richa lau 12:16 am on August 16, 2011 Permalink

      First,thank you develops the product, I had successfully install in NOKIA C3-00,
      today i find the error information when login the google calendar use Gcal:
      “Exception:java.io.IOException:53-error in HTTP operation”

      brand : NOKIA
      model: C3-00
      phone operator:Symbian S40
      Gcal version: 0.3.5

  • pit 4:06 pm on May 16, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    A J2ME Calendar for all your Canvas! 

    You know that J2ME support for Canvas is quite ridiculous.. One list, some form items, and stop. Canvas is left to its terrible destiny, with nothing more than a couple of lines and circles.. isn’t it sad?
    So, after this melodramatic introduction, we’re ready for today’s code: a fully featured, customizable, Canvas based calendar!

    J2me Canvas Date Picker screenshot

    If you prefer a live demonstration rather than a simple screenshot, just go here: Canvas Calendar in action.

    So, how to use it?

    1. Download its source code (CalendarWidget.java) and put it straight in your project
    2. Instantiate it within your Canvas with its plain-old-unique constructor:
      CalendarWidget calendar = new CalendarWidget(new Date());
    3. Customize it with the colors/fonts/padding you prefer:
      calendar.headerFont = Font.getFont(Font.FACE_PROPORTIONAL, Font.STYLE_BOLD, Font.SIZE_LARGE);
      calendar.weekdayFont = Font.getFont(Font.FACE_PROPORTIONAL, Font.STYLE_BOLD, Font.SIZE_MEDIUM);
      calendar.weekdayBgColor = 0xccccff;
      calendar.weekdayColor = 0x0000ff;
      calendar.headerColor = 0xffffff;
    4. After you’ve customized it, remember to always call its initialize() method:
    5. Now, to paint it, you can simply call its paint() method from your Canvas paint(), like this:
      protected void paint(Graphics g)
          g.fillRect(0, 0, getWidth(), getHeight());
    6. Now you must allow users to interact with it, so you can, for example, use Canvas keyPressed() method to interact with calendar:
      protected void keyPressed(int key)
          int keyCode = getGameAction(key);
          if(keyCode == FIRE)
                  new Alert("Selected date", calendar.getSelectedDate().toString(), null, AlertType.CONFIRMATION)

      As you see, what we do is this:

      • if the user press FIRE button, we alert the current selected date
      • otherwise we call calendar keyPressed() method, to make it behave accordingly
    7. Other customizable properties include:
      • MONTH_LABELS: change this to customize month labels in your own language
      • WEEKDAY_LABELS: as above, change this to customize weekday labels
      • startWeekday: this represents the week starting day, and its values range goes from 0 (for Monday) to 6 (for Sunday)

    You can download source code of the example described above here: CalendarCanvas.java.

    To get some more details about CalendarWidget source code, you can take a look at my article on Forum Nokia Wiki: Building a J2ME Canvas based Calendar / Date picker.

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