How to speed up deploying and testing of your API Bridge-based applications

When working with API Bridge applications, you need to package them with the API Bridge engine within a Symbian SIS package each time you want to deploy it on a device. This could actually be a big drawback when developing a new app, since it greatly slows down all the building and deploying process.

This is right, but luckily enough there’s an alternative, really easy approach to test your API Bridge-based applications on your devices. The picture below should say it all:

It couldn’t have been simpler:

  1. Deploy the APIBridge SIS (APIBridge_v1_1.sis for API Bridge version 1.1) on the device, only once
  2. Deploy your application (Web Runtime, Flash Lite or Java ME) as you would have done without API Bridge, all the times you want
  3. Done!

By deploying the APIBridge engine separately, you can actually save tons of time during all the development phase, since you don’t need anymore to package your apps in a classical Symbian package. Hurrah!

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