SWFPack: mobile development goes 2.0!

Yesterday was a big day for mobile development!

Kuneri team released SWFPack, an online, free packaging tool for Flash Lite developers!

SWFPack is available as a beta service for Flash Lite developers without a cost. With the first release, Flash Lite content can be deployed to Symbian devices in SIS format, followed by Series 40 devices in NFL and Windows Mobile devices in CAB formats in the following releases. Kuneri aims to make SWFPack a standard tool, providing more enhanced features in the future

I’m a big fan of free “2.0″ tools (did you know about StripeGenerator? :) ), and this one absolutely rocks, finally bringing a lot of fresh air to the world of mobile dev.

With SWFPack you can easily, and without installing anything on your local machine, package and deploy your FlashLite applications. To see how much it is damn easy, just check out the quick SWFPack tour.

This is an enormous step forward for mobile development: up to now all mobile tools were highly OS-dependent, with the result that non-Windows users could rarely find useful development tools.

Still reading? Go and try it! :)

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