Build a Web Runtime widget for your website in 5 seconds. Free!

Welcome to the WRT website launcher tool!

Here you can create a Web Runtime widget that launches any website you want.

Here is the ultra-quick step-to-step guide:

  1. Specify the widget's name
  2. Specify the URL to be launched
  3. If you have one, upload an icon for the widget
  4. Optionally, change the widget's version number, and its unique ID
  5. Click "Generate!" and download your new widget :)
If you have questions, please check the FAQ page, or contact me directly.
hint icon
The widget's name is the label that appears in the phone menu, just below the widget's icon.
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Version number format: ##.##, or ##.##.##
Valid version numbers:
  • 1.0
  • 0.1.2
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The ID uniquely identify each widget. Sample IDs are:
  • com.jappit.mywebsite.launcher
  • com.anotherdomain.go
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Put here the URL of the website to launch, including the starting "http://".
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Icons must be in PNG format. Maximum allowed size is 100Kb. Images larger than 88x88 pixel will be resized to this resolution.
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