Build a Web Runtime widget for your website in 5 seconds. Free!
What is a widget?
A widget is a small application capable of running on a mobile device, just as any other application. Technically speaking, a widget is built by using Web technologies: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript.
What is Web Runtime?
Web Runtime is the widget platform of Symbian Series60 devices.
Which devices are compatible with Web Runtime?
A complete list of devices supporting Web Runtime widgets is available here: Devices supporting Web Runtime.
What is a website launcher widget?
A website launcher is a particular type of widget that, once the user launches it, automatically opens up the Web Browser of the mobile phone and loads the desired URL. After launching the Web Browser, the widget automatically closes itself.
How do I install a widget on my mobile phone?
After you've checked that your phone is compatible with Web Runtime widgets, you have several options to transfer and install a widget:
  • Send to it via Bluetooth
  • Use the USB cable shipped with your device
  • Download the widget from a Web Server, by using the Web Browser of your device
If I generate a widget, is it stored on, or some other servers?
Widgets will be stored on only if you check the "Add this widget to gallery?" field. If you don't check this field, once downloaded, the generated widget will be automatically and immediatly deleted, so that noone else can view or download it.
Where can I find more informations about Web Runtime widgets?
Is this tool really free?
Yes!!! :)