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  • pit 6:26 pm on March 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    AdMob launches Flash Lite SDK! 

    Good news for all Flash Lite developers: AdMob officially launched its Flash Lite SDK!

    The funny thing is that Flash Lite is mentioned as an “emerging” platform, even if it’s not that young :)

    From the official announcement:

    In 2009, we reported an installed base of 80+ million devices with Flash Lite support in Japan. To download the Flash Lite SDK, log into your account, select the “Sites & Apps” tab, and click on the “Add Site/App” link. On this page, you can register your Flash Lite app and then download the SDK.

    This will finally allow all Flash Lite developers to easily integrate AdMob advertising into their applications and games, without the need to implement this functionality from scratch.

    After the announcement of in app purchasing for Flash Lite from Kuneri, this is a big step towards the monetization of Flash Lite content, and will hopefully help the Flash Lite developers’ community to grow further.

    Maybe we won’t become all billionaires, but who knows? :)

  • pit 12:18 pm on March 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Samsung Bada Developers Day: all we need is… a new OS? 

    Recently I had the opportunity of attending the Samsung Bada Developers Day in Milan, and I would like to share my first impressions about the Bada OS.

    First of all, let’s say that Bada is all but a new OS: Bada is actually a refactored and readapted version of the OS used for years by Samsung as their legacy OS. The good news is that now it has been made available and open to all developers, that can use all the APIs that were previously accessible to Samsung and its partners only.

    When I say open it means really open: API set is impressive, and it seems there’s actually nothing that has been left out. The comparison with other “modern” OS (e.g.: iPhone and Android) shows how Bada gives to developers a new level of access to the device and its features.

    Bada applications are built by using C/C++ code, but there is a good news for non C-speakers: Bada devices come with Flash Lite support (Samsung Wave ships Flash Lite 3.0) and you can package a Flash Lite application into a native one, and distribute it on the Bada App Store. But the good news are not ended, since the Bada architecture allows Flash Lite content to access every native API! This is huge, and as a Flash developer I cannot be more happy of this! :)

    Coming to the downsides: Bada applications cannot run in background, so no real multitasking is allowed. When an app goes in background, it is simply paused, and you can resume it from the active apps list. As for the development part, the SDK has currently some glitches, as the necessity to be restarted each time an application has to be deployed. Anyway, being not a final release, we can expect improvements in the next versions.

    Summarizing it up, the first “contact” with the Bada environment was good: the OS is powerful and open, with the Flash Lite support and native API access being actually the best parts in my opinion. The current only Bada device (the Wave) is fast, responsive and with a nice touchscreen (differently from what seen on some recent Samsung models, see H1).

    What remains to see is if all this good stuff will be able to gain a decent market share, and so if it’ll be worth to invest time and money on it.

    • Alessandro 1:10 pm on March 17, 2010 Permalink

      Ciao Alessandro,

      great information! I knew about FL 3 support, but the access to other API it’s new!! Very cool.

    • pit 1:16 pm on March 17, 2010 Permalink

      Yes, it’s definitely cool :)

      I’ve still not tested it by myself, but it seems that you have an open communication channel from Flash Lite to C++ to pass any kind of commands between the 2 layers. Will post here as soon as I have more information!

  • pit 4:31 pm on February 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Series 40 5th Edition SDK, Feature Pack 1 Lite released 

    The Series 40 5th Edition SDK, Feature Pack 1 Lite is now available for download on Forum Nokia.

    For more infos about Series 40 5th edition Feature Pack 1 Lite, you can check out Forum Nokia technology spotlight.

    A full list of devices is also available here.

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