Nokia N810 arrived… and absolutely rocks! 

Some days that I’m quite silent on this blog, but for a good reason this time! :D Here’s my brand new Nokia N810, won for being selected as June Poster of the Month this year.

First impressions were absolutely positive: the device is incredibly cool, built with good material, and the whole feedback is totally great.

Then I’ve started playing with it and, after some failed trials, I easily discovered that I had to upgrade the OS to install anything :)

Seamlessly upgraded the OS to Diablo, I had a lot of fun installing the most disparate software directly from maemo website, and I immediately fell in love with Vagalume and Maemo Mapper!

So, after first days of usage, I definitely love it. I’ve always been a bit skeptical about bringing around more than 1 phone/device, but I’ve never been happier to change my mind :)

But now, shouldn’t I start to write some code? ;)