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  • pit 11:47 am on March 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Gcal update: version 0.3.4 to fix login errors 

    Here’s a small update to Gcal, that will hopefully fix (or help to fix) the login errors that some users still encounter on specific devices.

    Give it a try and, if you still get error messages while logging in, leave a comment here specifying the exact message you get. Thanks! :)

    JAD file is also available for download here: Gcal JAD download.

    • crack 6:26 pm on March 21, 2009 Permalink

      New version still with login error.
      Message is:
      Error: Login exceptiom (400)

    • SK 10:06 pm on March 21, 2009 Permalink

      Using this latest update v0.3.4, getting “Error: Login exception (400)” using Samsung Instinct with all latest updates.

    • troy o 11:52 pm on March 21, 2009 Permalink

      version 0.3.3 actually worked on samsung instinct. installed v0.3.4 and get login exception 400 error. uninstalled and reinstalled previous version and now it doesnt work…java exception

    • Marcus 2:49 pm on March 22, 2009 Permalink

      This is a really useful piece of software!
      I have one problem on my N95, however, some of the appointments (but not all of them) are one hour earlier than they should be. This is sadly a major problem since it is not the same for all appointments :)
      Is this a problem you are aware of?

      Thank you so much for the software however!

    • Dirk Kotze 11:03 am on March 23, 2009 Permalink

      Hi. Thank you for fixing the errors. Another small thing, the event times are only displayed in GMT time, which doesn’t make sense for myself (workin on GMT+2hr time). Otherwise, well done and thank you.

    • Cliff 7:48 pm on March 23, 2009 Permalink

      Hey — looks like a great piece of software.

      I’m getting an error message when I try and download the software from the .jad link through the Samsung Instinct M800 browser. It goes to the download screen, I hit “continue download,” and I receive the following text:

      This issue has bee reported.

      Please try again later.


      Invalid content.

      Anything you can do to fix that would be greatly appreciated!

    • Chris 9:59 pm on March 23, 2009 Permalink

      FYI, still have the same Java root certificate expired problem on the Helio Ocean, already reported, thanks… Chris

    • Alberto 9:20 pm on March 30, 2009 Permalink

      ciao! ma sei italiano?
      cmq appena scaricato e installato sul mio touch hd (rom xor nextgen 1.0). funziona alla perfezione tranne che per il già citato problema dell’orario, se ho un appuntamento segnato alle 16.30, il tuo gcal mi indica 14.30. una volta che lo si sa ci si puo’ gestire di conseguenza, ma penso anche che se il bug sia una seccatura :P

      in english: installed on touch hd (rom ita xor nextgen), work fine but the already know bug about gmt time.

    • pit 9:44 am on March 31, 2009 Permalink

      Hi all,

      thank you again for all your precious feedbacks!

      • about the Samsung Insting 400 error: I’m working on this, but I have not this device available, so testing and fixing goes a bit slow, sorry for this
      • about the timezone issues: I’m working fix these problems as well, and hope to release a fixed version asap

      @Chris: unfortunately, I have not a workaround for this issue right now. I should work on a proxy server, but it’s surely not a fast solution :(

      @Cliff: thanks for reporting, I’ll check this and let you know

      @Alberto: sì, sono Italiano :)


    • Alfie 12:36 pm on April 2, 2009 Permalink

      This application is very useful

      Is it possible to add a reminder when setting up an event. I can’t seem to figure this one out.

      If not is it something that could be added, or even use the users default notification settings to automatically add a reminder to an event.


    • Laura 10:37 pm on April 9, 2009 Permalink

      Hi–This is a great app! The only problem for me (I’m using a Lg Vu CU920) is I need the correct time zone. All the times in my calendar are 4 hours later than they should be. I’m assuming they are in Pacific Time, and I need them in Eastern. Unfortunately, I can’t use it for my calendar until that gets fixed–but I’m SOOO looking forward to it!!

      Thanks for all the effort!

    • ivan 1:50 pm on April 14, 2009 Permalink

      hi, I’m sorry to say I cannot login, neither can try it. I mean, in the Account data page I can write my e-mail adress and also the password buy I can’t (or just I don’t know) how to login.

      I see the login command in the down-left part of the screen but I can’t make it works.

      I have a BlackBerry 8320.

      thank you.

    • KL 3:54 pm on April 15, 2009 Permalink

      GCal is great. And as an Samsung Instinct user, if you need any assistance I’d offer my assistance in the effort to resolve the login issue. Please email if this will help you and thank you for your time in building a great app!

    • david 3:50 am on April 21, 2009 Permalink

      the login button disappears so cant login

    • Guillaume 2:02 pm on April 21, 2009 Permalink

      I have 2 hours wrong between Google Calendar and what appears in GCal

    • Guillaume 11:09 am on April 22, 2009 Permalink

      The only problem for me (I’m using a Lg KF700) is I need the correct time zone. All the times in my calendar are 2 hours earlier than they should be.

    • Adeel 9:41 pm on April 22, 2009 Permalink

      can someone fix this app so it would work with samsung instinct, keeps getting 400 exception error…

    • Laura 2:41 pm on April 30, 2009 Permalink

      Any idea when we can get the time zone issue fixed?? I’m really wanting this app, but can’t use it if the time zone can’t be switched to Eastern!!

      Please please??


    • byron 10:40 pm on August 11, 2009 Permalink

      Hi I have a Sony C510 and I am able to enter my email address but, when I enter p/w, it does not pick up all the characters and thus, I cannot log in.

    • blackadder1st 1:56 pm on September 14, 2009 Permalink

      Same as Byron. I have a 9 figure password but when I ‘OK’ it only shows 5 *s. When I click on Login, it sits at Logging In at the top right corner for ever, and doesn’t actually log in. I am using a CECT i9 3G phone on O2 network if it makes any difference.

      The lack of calendar on the i9 phone is one of its major letdowns, so if I could just get GCal working and sync my calendar, I’d have my ‘iPhone’.


    • pit 2:01 pm on September 14, 2009 Permalink


      @blackadder1st and @byron: only 5 ‘*’ characters are displayed as a security practice, but all the password characters are correctly used when logging in. So, the login issue is probably related to something else.

      Since I have not these devices, I have to get them to test GCal on, and spot out which are the issues.

      Will keep you updated :)


    • Mays 4:26 pm on November 9, 2009 Permalink

      Gostaria de poder utilizar o GCAL no Brasil, mas para isso, deve ser possível mudar o fuso. Já estava acostumada a utilizar o GCAL, mas quando entrou em vigor o horário de verão, fiquei impossibilitada. Por favor, corrijam este detalhe!

    • Sogo 7:58 pm on January 12, 2011 Permalink

      The latest version I save in my SE W800 as J2ME phone still got error while retrieving data. I could login to my Google Calendar but ” Error while retrieving events” appeared.

  • pit 5:16 pm on March 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Gcal version 0.3.3: more fixes and S60 1st/2nd edition support 

    After some days away from Gcal, due to a lot of work going on in these days, here’s an update that will hopefully solve some of the issues related to accessing your calendar data, and various other bugs, including:

    • Wrong saving of “All day” events
    • Wrong time of events saved on device calendar
    • Various other unhandled Exceptions that were causing crashes of the application

    In this release, a first support for previous Nokia Series60 editions (specifically: 1st and 2nd editions) has also been added, so you should now be able to use Gcal on your beloved Nokia 6600 :)

    And, for those who still experience problems, more meaningful error messages have been set, so that it’ll be easier to spot out and solve the issues. So, when reporting a problem, please also add the exact error message you get in the related error popup. Thanks! :)

    If your mobile phone also needs a JAD file, you can download it from here: download Gcal JAD.

    • CRiley 8:59 pm on March 16, 2009 Permalink

      Could you post a .JAD for easy download directly to phones that require it?

    • pit 10:31 am on March 17, 2009 Permalink

      Hi CRiley,

      I’ve added the JAD file as well, thanks for the hint!


    • Julie 12:43 pm on March 23, 2009 Permalink


      Thanks for the update. However, I don’t think I’ve ever successfully installed an update using gCal’s own Update option :-(

      I have automatic checking turned off, but chose to manually check for updates when I saw the posting about the new version. It downloaded OK, asked if I wanted to update from version x to version y, asked if I wanted to save data, but failed at the final step, just saying “Failed to install!” (or words to that effect – sorry if I haven’t got the exact message).

      After that, I could no longer run gCal.

      I downloaded it manually from the link and tried to install manually. Identical problem.

      The only way I could complete the update was to reboot my phone, and then manually download from the web link and install again.

      I have a Nokia E90, S60 3rd edition.

      Thanks for adding the day name at the top of the screen – it’s a big improvement.

      I was a bit surprised to find there’s no option to edit an appointment – but maybe I’m just missing something? I had an appointment that I realised I needed to change, so being unable to find an edit option, I thought I’d duplicate and then delete the original, but Options | Actions | Duplicate just sits there and does nothing (it doesn’t dismiss the dialog box or anything). All I can do is press Cancel. Select/OK do nothing.

      Having had that problem, I’ve tried all the other options available from an appointment to see what happens for me:

      Add comment works, and View comment works, but if I try to View a comment immediately after adding it (i.e. without exiting the event), it says No comments for this event.

      Send via SMS works.

      Copy to Calendar prompts for calendars, but tells me “There was an reror while copying the event”.

      Save locally asks “Allow application Gcal to write user data?” However, whatever I answer, I can “Error while saving even on local calendar” (This message makes sense if I allowed it to, but it couldn’t, but I shouldn’t see it if I say No to Allow application …
      The event really DOESN’T get copied to my local calendar.

      Delete prompts with an “Do you want to delete this event?”, but then say yes, I see a “Deleting” progress report in the top right hand corner, but then I get an error message “There was an error while trying to delete this event (409)” – and checking with the computer, the event hasn’t been deleted.

      All of these tests were done on the same event without exiting the event at all.

      NB: Exiting the event and selecting it again allowed my just-added comment to be seen.

      Can’t see an About menu option to report a version number, but Check Updates says my version is up to date ;-).


    • pit 9:47 am on March 31, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Julie,

      thanks a lot for the detailed feedback! A report worth of the best beta tester!! :)

      About the various points, I’ll dig into them and try to fix most of them for the next release.


    • Kamal 5:54 am on April 16, 2009 Permalink

      Tried downloading the .jad file with the inbuilt browser for Samsung SPH-M520 (Sprint service), getting the following error
      The issue has been reported. Please try again later.

      Invalid Content

    • pit 4:51 pm on April 30, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Kamal,

      thanks for the feedback! There was actually a problem with the JAD download. Now it should be fixed, so you could retry to download GCal.


    • Sneekin 9:59 pm on May 17, 2009 Permalink

      Question – I’m trying to run this on a Sprint Blackberry Curve 8330 – on the login screen, I can put in the name, password, and can click the save password checkbox – but I can’t click the save or exit, and there’s no way to connect! Help! I looked for older versions on the site, but there aren’t any. Will this work on a sprint blackberry?


  • pit 3:44 pm on February 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Gcal version 0.3: touch support, local events, and a bunch of fixes! 

    Version 0.3 of Gcal, the J2ME Google Calendar client, is finally out!

    Most of the work was done to improve device compatibility and fix bugs on specific handsets (e.g.: BlackBerry devices, Nokia E61, and many more).

    Release details

    New cool features are introduced:

    • Touch-screen support: if you have a device supporting touch, now you can easily interact with Gcal with stylus/fingers!
      Touch gestures are also implemented: go from a day to another simply swiping!
    • Event saving on local calendar: you can now save an event on your local calendar. If you’re creating a new event, just check the “Save on local calendar” option. Instead, if you’re viewing a saved event, choose “Actions” -> “Save locally” from the options menu.

    New settings are also available:

    • Font size: introduced to improve readability, and to allow users with touch-screen to have larger touchable areas
    • Alternative soft-keys: devices without hardware soft-keys can now use ‘*’ and ‘#keys to substitute them, and so use Gcal without any more problems
    • Show only calendars with events: this will allow users with a lot of calendars to show only the ones actually selected in the “Filter calendars” screen, greatly improving events readability

    Among the fixed bugs:

    • Calendar loading errors on various handsets
    • Filters scrolling and selection in calendar filtering screen
    • Screen size/orientation changes are now better handled

    Give your feedback

    A lot of new features are still under development, and surely a lot are the missing features that you would like to see into your Gcal. Just leave your comment here, and your feedback will be surely considered for the next Gcal releases!

    • aston 4:11 pm on February 16, 2009 Permalink

      I do not know why.

      I can not use on blackberry 7290 .just said:Error while connecting to Google.

      help me.

    • pit 4:48 pm on February 16, 2009 Permalink

      Hi aston,

      I’ve sent you an email about your issue, please give it a look.


    • Stefan 6:01 pm on February 16, 2009 Permalink

      good job, both bugs (wrong sorting of recurring and once only events, limitation on calendar filter) fixed in 0.3!
      Thanks a lot – this app definitely makes my handset a more valuable companion.

    • Danik 2:20 am on February 17, 2009 Permalink

      Hey pit, two news, the good one is that I managed to run GCal 0.3 on my E61 no prob, everything working like a charm, the bad one is that from the first run I encounter this strange bug – anytime an information popup goes off, by no means on Earth I can confirm it and continue whatever I was doing with the app… Actually the only way I was able to work this out was to restart the app. Of course I tried switching the Emulate Soft Keys setting and of course I know that I should press the very bottom left button in order to access the */# keys. Also I know that some Java apps require the bottom left and the * or # button pressed together and some require the bottom left button pressed prior to the * or # button. I tried all those options, none worked for me.
      By all other means, this app is a charm, i love it! Gonna make my everyday easier. Thank you for all your effort! Hope my bug report will be of any use for you. Keep a-rollin’! :o)

    • Chris 6:39 am on February 17, 2009 Permalink

      Think I might have left my last message in the wrong forum. Downloaded the 0.3 version today, still getting the cannot connect to google message on my Helio Ocean (Pantech PN-810), looking forward to the diagnostic version when you have it ready, thanks:)

    • pit 9:55 am on February 17, 2009 Permalink

      Hi all,

      @Stefan: I’m happy to know it works now :)

      @Danik: I’ve fixed the popup issue, a new version (0.3.1) is available, just update Gcal and it should work!

      @Chris: I’m working on it, It’ll be ready soon.

      Thanks again for your feedback!


    • aston 10:27 am on February 17, 2009 Permalink

      Fix for the blackberry version?

    • Danik 12:58 pm on February 17, 2009 Permalink

      @pit: thanks man! Downloading right away, looking forward to the experience :o) Keep up.

    • Wael Nabil 3:00 pm on February 17, 2009 Permalink

      Dear pit,
      Thanks it work fine in E71.
      i have one issue
      Creating Event and pressing fire key while selecting any text control to edit it like name and details and open and close immediate so i can’t write event..it work when i start to write while selecting it “it open and i start write after that.”
      i have feature request.
      Sync my current saved calendar event to google calendar.


    • pit 3:52 pm on February 17, 2009 Permalink


      @aston: working on that :)

      @Danik: hope it works now!

      @Wael: really strange :-\ I have not a Nokia E71 to test right now, but I’ll do it really soon.


    • Ethan 9:04 pm on February 17, 2009 Permalink

      Thanks! This app just keeps getting better

      Any chance of alerts of upcoming events with vibration
      or sound?
      It would be a nice feature, but I don’t
      even know if it is possible with google’s
      API and it requiring the gcal app to be
      running in the background.

    • aston 3:13 am on February 18, 2009 Permalink

      @Pit can login now. but can not create new event.

    • Julie 8:51 am on February 18, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Pit

      Have installed the new version (on my Nokia E90), and here’s my feedback:

      I had trouble connecting the first couple of times I tried and had to re-enter my loging details, but all now seems to be fine.

      Only calendars with events are displayed, which is great. Thanks for that.

      However, all appointments are still showing as All day, even when they’re not.

      In Filter Calendars options (in which I couldn’t get to the calendars near the end of the list in the previous version), the first time I tried it (and ticked/unticked boxes as I went), I saw Unhandled Exception Error part way down the list. By choosing to ignore it I could continue. I can’t now reproduce this, so maybe it’s a “first run only” error?


    • pit 11:10 am on February 18, 2009 Permalink


      @Ethan: something similar can be surely done and, since it’s definitely useful, next releases will surely include this ;)

      @aston: I’ll send you an update asap

      @Julie: I will make some checks for the bugs you’ve reported. About the “All day” issue, can you tell me your timezone, and the start and finish date&time of some of the problematic events?

      Thank you,

    • Julie 3:49 pm on February 18, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Pit

      Re “All day” events, nothing controversial, I’m afraid.

      TimeZone is GMT (maybe that’s TOO easy?)

      One appt yesterday, 9:30-10:30am
      One recurring “appt” today, 8:00am, zero duration
      One appt tomorrow, 2:30-3:30pm
      One appt on 28th, 9pm-11:30pm

      There are no doubt others, but these seem pretty straight-forward with nothing in common – nothing crossing midnight, for instance, one repeating but the other three are non-repeating. Tomorrow’s gets regularly copied (duplicated), but yesterday’s was a one-off meeting.

      All show as All Day in gCal. Much as I’d like to be out horse riding all day tomorrow, I can’t really afford it ;-).


    • pit 4:24 pm on February 18, 2009 Permalink

      Thanks Julie, your reply actually helped me a lot! Expect a new version later today, that should definitely fix this issue :)


    • Julie 4:31 pm on February 18, 2009 Permalink

      Don’t tell me: it was the “TOO easy” bit?

    • pit 10:18 am on February 19, 2009 Permalink

      Yes, it was (at least, I hope :) )

      Version 0.3.2 is now available, this should solve the “All day” problem.


    • Chris 6:28 pm on February 19, 2009 Permalink

      FYI, tried 0.3.2 on my Helio Ocean (Pantech PN-810) just in case, still get the cannpt connect to Google error… Chris

    • aston 7:36 am on February 20, 2009 Permalink

      Can I set up the * and #, I meanse i do not use * or # key ,but I can config it. For example,the fist time I run Gcal,I can set up the key that what I want. After set up , I can use at the next time.

      The default event create on Google calendar can make the default alert is alert by sms?

      now have no alert option. I must go to google calendar edit the event and make the alert option. thanks.

      and a bug: when I create a new event,it said some error create false. but actually it has been create success.

      I use blackberry .thank u.

    • Tim 5:31 pm on February 20, 2009 Permalink

      Doesn’t work on my LGVu. Says that it cannot download calendars.

    • pit 1:13 pm on February 24, 2009 Permalink

      Hi all,

      @Chris, @Tim: I’ll release a new version to do more accurate tests as soon as possible, to identify the cause of these problems, so stay tuned :)

      @aston: reminders will be added in a next release. About the bug, I’ll send you another debug version with some little modifications.


    • Lucas 6:49 pm on February 24, 2009 Permalink


      This is an awesome program, however I am having an issue. I have the Samsung Instinct, the software loads fine and logs in OK. When it starts downloading from Google it crashes and says “uncaught exception, exiting application”.

      I would love to have this on my phone, can you please fix this?

      Thanks for all the hard work!

    • Lucas 11:02 pm on February 27, 2009 Permalink

      As I have tired to use the program, I have found that the exception does not always occur right away. Sometimes I can be in the program for a few minutes before it crashes. Also, all of my events show up as all day, as posted in another comment. The download circle is continuously spinning, don’t know if that is related. just being as detailed as possible.

      I am excited to start using this program to it’s potential, keep up the good work!


    • Marcus 3:29 pm on March 1, 2009 Permalink


      This is a fantastic tool – thanks very much.

      I am using this on a Nokia E51, but here are the problems I have faced :
      1. All day calendar entries continue until the day after (ie. if its a 1 day event then it shows up as 2 days, if its a 2 day event, it shows up as 3 etc.)
      2. If I create an event on Gcal I get an ‘Error while saving the new event’ message. If I then doscard this addition it has saved it anyway.
      3. If I create an event on Gcal and tick save a local copy, it works fine, but puts the time in 2 hours after the correct time. I live in GMT+2 so that might be the reason ?

      Some other suggestions for future improvements :
      1. Ability to sync all existing events with phone – and the chocei of which calendars to sync (ie. not all).
      2. Ability to have sync on an ongoing basis ie. every hour, day, week etc.

      Thanks again for making this app !

    • JamesS 11:20 pm on March 4, 2009 Permalink

      I keep getting the “Wrong username/password” error on sony ericsson c510 on 3 network.

    • Julie 12:30 am on March 9, 2009 Permalink

      “Some other suggestions for future improvements :
      1. Ability to sync all existing events with phone – and the choice of which calendars to sync (ie. not all).”

      This is already available (although you’ll have to pay for multiple calendar synching) from http://www.goosync.com/. It works well for me.

      You can use (free) Swim from the Bergamot Project (http://code.google.com/p/bergamot/wiki/Swim) to automatically do any of your synchronisations on a Symbian S60 3rd edition phone (5th edition to follow, it appears). These can be set to happen:

      • Manually
      • Every 15 minutes
      • Every hour
      • Every 4 hours
      • Every 12 hours
      • Daily
      • Weekly

      … for each Sync that you have set up on your device.


    • mike 5:15 am on March 13, 2009 Permalink

      I downloaded this for my instinct. I cant seem to log on. I have tried using name with @gmail and without…no luck

    • rich 2:56 pm on March 13, 2009 Permalink

      Firstly, thank you for this great little app. Does a great job for me as Google Calendar website appears awful on my Nokia 6500c.

      As feature suggestions:

      • Change view between Day/Week/Month
      • Cache calendar events (a bit like the new Gmail mobile simple java app) so that you can use the program when there’s no data connection. Maybe a “refresh” button to download appointments when required.
      • Download more than one day to speed up scrolling through days.

      Once again, thank you!

    • pit 5:25 pm on March 16, 2009 Permalink

      Hi all!

      @Lucas: unhandled exceptions should be now fixed, check out latest Gcal version!

      @Marcus: All day issue, the “fake” error on event saving, together with the local event time issue should be all fixed by Gcal v0.3.3: give it a try and let me know if it correctly works. About future improvements: sync is surely on the plan ;)

      @JamesS, @mike: give a try to latest Gcal version (0.3.3) and let me know if it works. If it don’t, please report to me the exact error message that you get in this last version. Thanks!

      @rich: thanks for the precious suggestions! They’re surely on the plans, I have just to find the time to do them all :)


    • Lucas 7:59 pm on March 16, 2009 Permalink

      Thanks pit!

      I am noticing that “all day” events are overlapping the day before and day after.

      I am on Pacific Time GMT -08:00 if that helps, not sure if it is a time issue or not. Other than that the program is working great now!

      Thanks a bunch!

    • Chris 11:36 pm on March 16, 2009 Permalink

      Thanks Pitt, well I am a little closer with the Helio Ocean, when I try to connect with GCal 0.3.3, I get the following error message:

      java.lang.Exception: Error while connecting to Google (javax.microedition.pki.CertificateException: Root CA’s public key is expired)

      I have experienced a similar error when trying to install the GMail j2me client. Have tried to copy the PCA3ss_v4.cer file to many locations on my phone, but none of them took. It seems Snaptu was able to build the certificate in to their application as I can access my Google calendars from there app, but the implementation is not nearly as useful as yours. Please let me know if you have any ideas, thanks… Chris

    • pit 10:01 am on March 17, 2009 Permalink


      @Lucas: I have to to some tests about this. Do you have the same timezone (GMT-08:00) set on both Google Calendar and on your phone?

      @Chris: I’m not totally sure, but if Snaptu solves this problem, then it’s likely that it uses a proxy server to forward your requests to Google Calendar servers and get the responses back. This way, the certificate problem would be solved by the proxy server itself. Anyway, I’ll dig inside it a bit more and let you know!


    • K. 6:40 pm on March 27, 2009 Permalink

      On a Samsung Instinct – still getting login exception (400). Tried both with and without @gmail.com in the username.

    • Sorin 11:12 pm on March 29, 2009 Permalink

      I am using gCal on my G1 through the “Android J2ME MIDP RUNNER” (http://www.netmite.com/android/) because Google “forgot” to ad a search function to its Android Calendar application (and many other applications for that matter).
      How about a native gCal Android application?!
      Anyway, very nice application, quite speedy and functional. Thank you for it!

    • John 9:50 am on April 28, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Pit,

      I’m running this successfully on a SE K800i. However, I have one issue:
      > I don’t think the app is adjusting for DST (I’m in the UK and we’re currently on a daylight savings offset +1 from GMT). As a result all the times given are 1hr behind.

      Other than that I just have some suggestions (you’ve probably had these all before):
      > Sync back to Google
      > Week/Month view (week view in Google Calendar is my favorite)

      Overall, thanks so much for developing this – I have looked for similar for a long time and I’m sure others have too. Keep up the good work.


    • pit 4:58 pm on April 30, 2009 Permalink

      Hi all,

      @K.: still working around the Instinct issue. I should be able to setup a test version in the next days, so that you can test it

      @Sorin: thanks for the hint! I have to check out the official Android app, and then see if there’s still room for some “unofficial” good version :)

      @John: about the timezone issue, you can check out version 0.3.5, that allows you to manually specify the preferred timezone. Your 2 suggestions are already on the todo-list, so stay tuned ;)


    • John 10:56 pm on May 7, 2009 Permalink

      Awesome – I look forward to it. Have added a post about caching on the 0.3.5 thread, but I suspect you’ve got that on your to-do list as well!


    • Steve Seyler 12:51 am on June 1, 2009 Permalink

      Just downloaded the 3.5, which someone on the internet said it worked on his Instinct, but I can’t get to work on my Instinct S30 (Says Uncaught Exception – Exiting Application) …. HELP !!!
      I thought this program would save me from the ridiculous calendar built into the S30.
      Did I do something wrong or is it really not compatible with the S30?
      If it’s not compatible, do you know of any calendar program that IS compatible with my Instinct S30?
      Thanks so much !!!

    • Anders Westlund 12:14 pm on July 24, 2009 Permalink

      Nice! Worked like a charm on a touch-screen Nokia 5800 XM.

    • Anders Westlund 12:29 pm on July 24, 2009 Permalink

      Second impression: “Like a charm” could use a bit of qualification. Time input when creating a new event is a little rough ’round the edges, requires arrow keys to switch from hours to minutes. (Available when using ITU touchpad, so no real show-stopper.)

      And it say “You cannot create an event that ends before it starts,” when From date is 2009/07/24 18:30, and To date is 2009/07/24 19:00. If I write 18:30 as end time, and 19:00 as start time, I get an event that starts AND ends at 19:00.

      Promising app, though. Thanks!

    • Vinz 8:42 am on August 21, 2009 Permalink

      Hello !
      That’s really seems to be a great application, but it does not pass the Initializing page, Loading calendars. I am using a LG KP501.
      However thanks for your work !

    • hokus 12:08 am on August 29, 2009 Permalink

      Very nice application!!!
      It would be great if i can see more than one day on the screen at the same time. Maybe you can add a setting to chose the number of days to display.

      Thank you.

    • Didier 2:04 pm on August 30, 2009 Permalink


      I tested your application on an Samsung GT-S5230 Star but like the Vinzn it doesn’t pass initializing page.

      Any idea what I could check to make it work?

      Thanks in advance,


    • Stefano 2:37 pm on October 15, 2009 Permalink

      did you plan to support ‘tasks’ ?
      thanks for great work (from Italy :)

    • Hugh 4:12 pm on November 10, 2009 Permalink

      Hello, I’m using this on an N95, great app, thanks.

      I am able to view,create and delete events in all my calendars, but am unable to edit events. Is it possible to edit events?

    • Chad 2:36 pm on December 2, 2009 Permalink

      Your product is great and I love it but I have two bugs in the 3.5 version I am running. I am running it on a sumsung impression.

      1. If I have an “all day” (single day) event it shows up on the correct day and the day before that.

      2. Is there a way to get “other calendar” support? Google Calendar has “other” calendars such as Holiday calendar and your favorite sports team.

      Keep up the good work! Thanks!


  • pit 3:47 pm on February 12, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: j2me, , javafx   

    JavaFX has gone mobile! 

    JavaFX Mobile has finally been released, and this is a great news for all Java ME developers out there!!

    JavaFX is an expressive rich client platform for creating and delivering rich Internet experiences across all screens of your life. [...] With JavaFX Mobile, Sun is bringing expressiveness to the most powerful and pervasive mobile platform. On mobile devices, JavaFX runs directly on Java ME to take advantage of its ubiquity, security, and highly capable feature-set.

    To get an idea of what you can do with JavaFX, you can look at the samples posted on JavaFX website, shipped with the source code used to achieve these results. They’re just impressive!

    Can’t wait anymore? Then download JavaFX and start learning!

    • Rakesh 10:47 am on February 13, 2009 Permalink

      Is JavaFX mobile available in the form of a library which can used in a J2ME application or does it needs to be already pre-installed in the phone like FlashLite ?

    • pit 2:40 pm on February 13, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Rakesh,

      unfortunately, JavaFX needs a separate runtime that cannot run on current MIDP implementations, due to graphics and multimedia requirements.

      This means that we have to wait for first devices supporting it (2009 seems to be the year, anyway).

      A deliverable player seems to be on plans too, but there are not too much infos about it at the moment.


    • anjali 5:37 am on February 26, 2009 Permalink

      Do you know any back end database(sqlite/rms..)to which javaFX supports?with which we will creat an application besides using j2me and MIDP2.0 or CDC?

      which mobile handset(high end) currently supporting for javaFX? or no one till?

    • anjali 12:18 pm on February 26, 2009 Permalink

      will any one please tell me how to use CELL_SPACING to minimise the spacing between two items so that we can layout two items horizontally on form.
      we tried the layout setting of midp2.0 horizontal vertical after before and left
      but it works on emulator only, it works on sony cyber shot but it does not working on motorola A810 nokia n72/n73 with same screen resolution of 240* 320
      please help

    • vivek mishra 6:28 am on April 15, 2009 Permalink

      Actually implementation of J2ME is Vendor dependent, it means every vendor is free to implement it’s API in different fashion, that’s why you can’t see same result on different Devices, On every device it’s output/display will be different.
      So you can just try any good layout, and don worry about it’s behavior(in terms of display) on different devices.

    • vivek mishra 6:29 am on April 15, 2009 Permalink

      Or finally if you really need customized layout then you need to use Canvas to place your component appropriatly.

      Vivek Mishra

  • pit 1:04 pm on January 25, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , image reflection, j2me, , ,   

    J2ME Images: how to create a reflection effect 

    It’s surely time for some new J2ME tutorial, so this article will explain how to create a nice reflection effect starting from a simple Image.

    You can see the final effect, as usual, on the emulator page: J2ME Image reflection in action.

    Source code

    1. Method declaration

    Let’s start by our method declaration:

    public static Image createReflectedImage(Image image, int bgColor, int reflectionHeight)

    We have 3 arguments:

    • the original image that we want to reflect
    • the background color (used for transparent images)
    • the height of the reflection effect

    2. The mutable Image

    Now, let’s create the mutable Image that will hold the resulting effect:

    int w = image.getWidth();
    int h = image.getHeight();
    Image reflectedImage = Image.createImage(w, h + reflectionHeight);

    We store the original image width and height into 2 int variables, and then create the mutable image with the same width, but with an height equal to h (the original image) plus the specified reflection height.

    3. Copy the original Image

    Now, first drawing steps are:

    1. Getting the Graphics object of our mutable image
    2. Filling the image with the background color
    3. Drawing the original image on the upper part of the mutable one
    Graphics g = reflectedImage.getGraphics();
    g.fillRect(0, 0, w, h + reflectionHeight);
    g.drawImage(image, 0, 0, Graphics.TOP | Graphics.LEFT);

    4. Create the reflection effect

    Now, let’s get to the important part of this tutorial, that is the reflection effect itself:

    • for each horizontal line of the reflected image part, take the corresponding vertical coordinate of the original image
    • get the RGBA data of the corresponding horizontal line of the original image
    • calculate the alpha to be applied to this line, and apply it to each element of the RGB data array
    • draw the RGB data into the reflected image, by using its Graphics object

    And here is the source code:

    int[] rgba = new int[w];
    int currentY = -1;
    for(int i = 0; i < reflectionHeight; i++)
    	int y = (h - 1) - (i * h / reflectionHeight);
    	if(y != currentY)
    		image.getRGB(rgba, 0, w, 0, y, w, 1);
    	int alpha = 0xff - (i * 0xff / reflectionHeight);
    	for(int j = 0; j < w; j++)
    		int origAlpha = (rgba[j] >> 24);
    		int newAlpha = (alpha & origAlpha) * alpha / 0xff;
    		rgba[j] = (rgba[j] & 0x00ffffff);
    		rgba[j] = (rgba[j] | (newAlpha << 24));
    	g.drawRGB(rgba, 0, w, 0, h + i, w, 1, true);

    as you can see, the rgba[] int array holds the current pixel row data, and will be refreshed only when necessary (so, when the y coordinate of the original image changes).

    Sample usage

    Using the above method is really simple, since it’s only necessary to:

    1. Create the original Image
    2. Call createReflectedImage() method by passing the original Image as argument, together with the background color and the reflection effect height
    Image originalImage = Image.createImage("/cap_man1.png");
    Image reflectedImage = ReflectedImage.create(originalImage, bgColor, 64);


    You can download the complete source code of this article here:

    Vote this article!

    If you liked this tutorial, feel free to vote it on Forum Nokia Wiki: How to create an image reflection effect in Java ME

    • ion 9:51 am on February 5, 2009 Permalink

      hi.. nice code

      could you help me how to draw a “Justified” Paragraf in canvas…. please !!

  • pit 10:53 am on January 11, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , gcal update, , , j2me,   

    Gcal update: version 0.2 released! 

    NEW: check out the new Gcal 0.3 version!

    Holidays are gone, but gifts are not! So, here’s a big update to Gcal, the J2ME Google Calendar client: version 0.2 is available for download!

    Thanks to your precious support and feedback a lot of improvements and bug fixes have been done: thank you all (and please don’t stop :) )!

    New features of this version include:

    • Check for updates and auto-update features: you can now manually check for updates, or switch on auto-updates (from Settings screen) to always get the latest Gcal releases!
    • More control over events: delete, duplicate and copy an event from a calendar to another in a snap!
    • Comments: It’s now possible to add and view comments for an event
    • More event details: event visibility (private/public) and available/busy status now available when creating an event
    • Map viewing: different types of maps have been added, so you can now switch among satellite/terrain and other views
    • Sending an event, with his details, via SMS

    Important bugs fixed in this release:

    • Character encoding: terrible lack of first versions, character encoding should now correctly work
    • Wrong time when creating/showing events, with some timezones
    • Events order sometimes scrambled
    • Wrong login error messages: now, different types of errors are correctly handled
    • Calendars filter sometimes resetted without changing the account
    • Different types of errors and Exceptions when receiving events (e.g.: on Nokia S40 devices)

    Many other minor fixes have been done, so it’s highly recommended to upgrade your Gcal to 0.2 version. As always, for any kind of feedbacks or bug report, please leave a comment here :)

    • Jack 12:34 pm on January 13, 2009 Permalink

      Still having problems on the INQ1. The app loads fine, and I enter my details, but it gives the error: ‘There was an error while loading calendar data’.

    • Rich G 5:40 pm on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      Great app! I’ve been looking for a j2me google calendar app for quite some time.

      I have a suggestion:

      For those of us who would (either by choice or policy) like to use the application on a blackberry instead of Google Sync, could you provide key mapping to the numeric keypad?

      Something like:
      2 = up
      8 = down
      4 = left
      6 = right

      • = left soft key
      1. = right soft key

      I ask because my 8130 can emulate the left soft key, but can’t figure out how to emulate the right soft key .


    • pit 10:54 pm on January 14, 2009 Permalink

      Hi all!

      @Jack: unfortunately I have not an INQ1 device to test on. Anyway, I’ll dig more into this problem and let you know.

      @Rick: thanks for your appreciation! You’re right: BlackBerry key mapping is not perfect right now. I’ll try to integrate your precious hint into next Gcal versions.

      Thank you all!

    • Rich G 7:04 pm on January 16, 2009 Permalink

      A follow up on my earlier suggestion:

      The absolute easiest way to implement bb support (and isn’t the easiest usually the best) is to trap the right convenience key (keycode: -19) in addition to the other right soft key keycodes on other devices.

      You already trap the bb left convenience key with keycode -21 ;)


    • Mads 7:39 pm on January 19, 2009 Permalink

      Very useful app. Maybe I’m just blind, but is there any way to show more than one day at a time? If not, that’s my number one suggestion for additions.

      I’d love to be able to see one week at a time, either Monday-Sunday or starting with the current day. One month as well would be stellar. I’m not necessarily looking to see every detail of every event for every day, just something like a small mark showing that there are events scheduled for that day would be great. Then the user could go to the specific day for details.

    • pit 10:25 am on January 20, 2009 Permalink

      Hi all!

      @Rich: thanks for the hint! Will surely use it for the next Gcal version :)


    • Yukone 9:42 am on January 21, 2009 Permalink

      Loading error too for me. I have a lg secret. What a pity. :(

    • Julie 11:44 am on January 26, 2009 Permalink

      I’ve just realised there’s another missing function that I use a lot: the ability to copy a calendar item.

      Typically, I’ve just completed an appointment, and book a repeat one for another day.


    • pit 11:50 am on January 26, 2009 Permalink


      @Yukone: I must get some Lg phones to do some tests. Meanwhile, can you please specify where you get the loading error?

      @Julie: the item copy feature is available in version 0.2. When you are in event detail view, just click “Options” -> “Actions”: there you have both “Copy to calendar” and “Duplicate” functions, that should be what you’re looking for :)


    • Julie 7:44 pm on January 26, 2009 Permalink

      Apoliges Pit. I missed the option under edit for duplicating.


    • Yukone 12:38 pm on January 27, 2009 Permalink

      It gives me loading error when trying to load calendar data

    • pit 12:59 pm on January 27, 2009 Permalink


      @Julie: no problem at all :)

      @Yukone: thanks for the feedback, I’ll dig into this and let you know

    • Steve 10:50 am on January 29, 2009 Permalink

      Program is great but all my appointments are showing as ‘all day’ and not showing the appointment times. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to configure something ?

    • aston 7:42 am on January 31, 2009 Permalink

      Blackberry 7290: Error while connection to Google.

      Blackberry 8800:There was an error while loading canlendars data.

      can not use.

    • pit 9:12 pm on February 1, 2009 Permalink


      thank you all for your feedbacks!

      @Steve: it seems like some timezone issues are still there.. can you please tell me your local timezone?

      @aston: BlackBerry is still not yet fully tested (due to lack of devices :)), but next version should be greatly improved this way.


    • aston 5:40 am on February 2, 2009 Permalink

      @Pit Thank you.

      Everyday I come here to see the new version;

    • aston 5:47 am on February 2, 2009 Permalink

      @Pit can u twitter?

      and we can follow u with your new status.

    • pit 10:28 am on February 2, 2009 Permalink

      Hi aston!

      Sure, I’ll post on Twitter future Gcal updates, so It’ll be easier to follow for all :)

      If you’re a FaceBook user, you can also check Gcal page, to be always updated and to share your thoughts and feedback with other Gcal users:


    • aston 7:35 am on February 3, 2009 Permalink

      @Pit waiting the blackberry can use version.

    • Cat 11:01 pm on February 3, 2009 Permalink

      Nice app!

      Unfortunately it also fails with “Error getting calendars data” on my RAZR2. Google’s GMail application works.

      I would be happy to coordinate with you to debug this (I have written J2ME apps before) — just drop me an e-mail.

    • pit 10:06 am on February 4, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Cat!

      Thanks for your feedback. Can you please specify on which exact screen you’re getting that error (e.g.: login/calendar retrieving/events retrieving)?


    • aston 10:10 am on February 4, 2009 Permalink

      When the new version?

    • Danik 4:35 pm on February 5, 2009 Permalink

      Hi there! I’d just so much like to say “Great job!” but sadly the app is for the last few minutes just downloading calendar data so I can’t really appreciate all its functions (dunno if it is my calendar being that big or some strange bug somewhere) but nevermind – I’d like to say at least “Keep up!” This is something I’ve always yearned for :o)

      // I’m using a Nokia E61 / Symbian S60 3rd, should be OK… hope se :o)

    • pit 5:16 pm on February 5, 2009 Permalink

      Hi all!

      @aston: some more days, and it’ll be out ;)

      @Danik: thanks for the feedback! This is effectively a bug, but it has been fixed and will be totally solved by next Gcal version (like said to aston, in the very next few days :)).


    • Danik 8:52 pm on February 5, 2009 Permalink

      :o) then as a programmer I have to say Great job, at least for tracing the bug :oD now seriously, I’ve tried GooSync meanwhile just to see and man, it sucks. The only thing it does is provide a syncing server to sync the internal calendar (which sucks) through the inbuilt Nokia syncing mechanism (which sucks even more)… so I’m looking very much forward to the next release! :o) Thank you and keep rollin’!

    • David Kinlay 10:35 am on February 7, 2009 Permalink

      Every time I try to download GCal (latest version), it causes my phone to crash. Why?
      Can download other midlets.
      Reply asap

    • pit 11:09 am on February 9, 2009 Permalink


      @Danik: thanks :))

      @David: are you trying downloading the MIDlet directly from your device? Which phone are you using?


    • Stefan 10:44 am on February 12, 2009 Permalink

      using GCal 0v2 on a Sony Ericsson K850i – works great.

      Bug found a small annoying bug in the sort order with recurring events.
      Seems like you use the whole date not just the time in your sorting so the recurring events show up prior to one off events of the actual day in the agenda view.
      Example setup:
      1) Recurring daily event, 10:00, event series started 13/02/2009
      2) Single event, 14/02/2009 9:00
      -> on the events overview for 14/02/2009 the recurring 10:00 event is listed first, the 9:00 event second – but it should be vice versa…

      Second issue discovered when playing around with the “Filter calendars” function. Looks like only the first 8 calendars can be (un)selected. the cursor refuses to jump to the 9th item. Maybe device related, didn’t check on other mobiles.

      Nevertheless very good stuff and feels very stable already. Looking forward to the next release ;-)


    • pit 11:07 am on February 12, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Stefan,

      thanks for your feedback!

      About the events order: yes, there’s some problem with recurring events, but it’ll be surely fixed for the next release.

      Second issue is already solved: so, this fix also will be available in next release, that should be during this week :)


    • pascal 2:55 pm on February 12, 2009 Permalink

      Dude this seems like a great app
      I’ve a N73 nokia
      it’s stuck in the Initializing screen,
      I’m trying to reach a mapped calendar

    • Chris 3:57 pm on February 12, 2009 Permalink

      Any chance the new release this week will have the diagnostic mode you mentioned earlier? I am very interested in diagnosing the connection problem with my Helio Ocean, thanks for all the hard work:)

    • pit 4:01 pm on February 12, 2009 Permalink

      Hi Chris,

      this week a new Gcal version will be released, that will include a lot of bug fixes and important new features.

      Give it a try, to see if it solves issues on your Ocean, otherwise I’ll send you a debug version to dig into your specific problems.


    • javil 12:09 am on May 6, 2011 Permalink

      can i use QCal offline in my movile phone?

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