Three open source projects for WRT developers: Bing, Buzz and RSS

Today I’ve released three widgets as open source projects on the brand new project management tool by Nokia, to allow all WRT developers to freely use and contribute to them.

The first project is for a widget that allows the user to perform searches through the Bing search engine.

Its code shows how many widgets’ common features can be implemented, including:

  • integrate a public REST API
  • retrieve and show dynamic data from network
  • detect and adapt to different screen resolutions
  • handle touch and key-based user interaction
  • show tabbed views
  • download dynamic code updates and new versions of the widget

The second widget is a configurable RSS reader supporting multiple RSS feeds at once. The widget is easily adaptable to different needs, where retrieval and displaying of remote XML feeds is needed.

The last project is a client for Google’s Buzz social network: the current functionalities include searching by keyword, and retrieving of Buzzes of a single user. Many more features are under development: feel free to take a look and integrate yours :)

As these are open source projects, everyone is invited to dig into the code and to contribute to the them: just join the project, and start experimenting! To start, visit Forum Nokia Projects.

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