New UI components for Web Runtime widgets by Dr. Jukka

Web Runtime widgets definitely need frameworks and UI components to be easily plugged and used, without the need to re-adapt and rewrite JavaScript code originally intended for the Web, more than for mobile devices.

For this reason, It’s a pleasure to see Dr. Jukka releasing a new set of UI components, specifically intended for S60 touch devices.

Here is the full list of components:

  • Accordion
  • Busy
  • Button
  • Carousel
  • Checkbox
  • LightBox
  • Optionsbox
  • ProgressBar
  • Radiobox
  • Rating
  • TextLabel
  • ToggleSwitch
  • ToggleSwitch list

Components’ documentation is available on Forum Nokia Wiki, and you can also preview the components online, by using this page.

Good job Jukka! :)

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