Android Market update: downloads and considerations

Time for a quick update about some apps I’ve published some months ago on Android Market.

I want to share the data related to 3 applications (Televideo, APN Italy and Codice Fiscale), especially intended for the Italian market and users. As you can see in the picture below, download counts are not that great. This is someway predictable, as in Italy the diffusion of Android devices is still in an early phase, and has to battle with phone operators that don’t seem to support them at all.


Operators, at least in Italy, don’t seem to care about the fact that the Android platform, being open, could bring them great benefits. Just consider the distribution of applications: operators could easily setup their own Application Stores, pre-installing those into their devices, and have users download their applications without forcing them to pass by third-party stores. This would bring more incomes (no shares to be divided) and more freedom (no third-party policies to follow) to the distribution of their own content.

So, right now, Italy doesn’t seem to be the best market to distribute Android apps in, but what about other countries? Has anyone some data to share?

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