About iPhone, Nokia 1280 and the many faces of Innovation

Today Alessandro posted the latest mobile phones’ market shares. These charts should make the mobile workers think about where the mobile industry is right now, despite all the hype surrounding some fancy platforms nowadays.

This also made me think about an inspirational post I read today on the Nokia Conversations blog, whose title could have not been clearer: Innovation means so much more than high end smartphones. Have you ever tought about 5 different phonebooks in a single device? An even clearer hint? Look at Nokia Life Tools.

Alessandro yesterday talked on this blog about this point: while we’re focusing on smartphones and latest fancy devices, the greatest portion of mobile market is simply somewhere else, looking for resources and innovation that don’t need application stores, augmented reality or jingles like these.

Not convinced about this? Take a look at Calling All Innovators categories or at Betavine Social Exchange, and then start re-tuning your mobile strategy.

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