Vodafone Summer of Widgets 2009: first week winners announced!

The first week of the Vodafone Summer of Widgets 2009 competition has ended, and winners have been announced yesterday, and I’m totally happy to announce that I’m one of them! :)

The winner widgets are:

  • LiveTube by neverscroll: Live Tube displays real-time status information of the London Underground. You can forward such info via SMS / Twitter SMS
  • WotsforDina by eggsy84: A widget allowing people to search for recipes, view ingredients and follow steps to create the recipe
  • AnimalLogic by jappit: AnimaLogic is a puzzle game where you have to pop animals from the board, by placing 3 or more of each kind horizontally or vertically

The Summer of Widgets is a competition open to mobile widgets for the Opera Widget platform. A good starting poing to learn more about it is the Getting Started guide.

Mobile widgets are mini applications that sit on a handset and can be personalised to retrieve relevant information from the web. They provide ‘always on’ services based on the information users want to receive, and are a new touch point for how consumers use the mobile internet.

Widgets are based on web code rather than on specialist programming language, which makes it possible for both professional and amateur developers to tap into their potential.

Running from 6th July to the 30th August, the Summer of Widgets competition will offer three prizes every week to the developers who have submitted the best widgets.

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