Forum Nokia’s Mobile Design Challenge part 2: Winners announced!

The winners for the second part of the Mobile Design Challenge, the Forum Nokia Wiki competition for articles related to Mobile Design, have finally been announced, and I’m proud to say I’m one of them! :)

Here’s the full list of winners:

Jappit for his well stuctured mobile web patterns, and for an extensive and highly valuable series of WRT articles, including 7 JavaScript WRT components, 2 example Widgets for existing websites, and 13 other highly interesting WRT articles. Check all the mobile design articles by Jappit >>

Alen AlebicThe GridMenu Component for Flash Lite is a great example of mobile specific implementation of a familiar component that can easily be utilized in any application.

JasperJagerThe Kinetic Scroll Component for Flash Lite displays in a nice way how to utilize the interaction possibilities of the touch screen. Using this component surely will save time.

Kamaljaiswal Kamaljaiswal did a really great job with Themes:S60 UI Components and other themes articles, creating a lot of new valuable resources for themes!

MayankkediaMayankkedia has written a plethora of articles of which the Listbox Usability is one good example. Also the improvements to many existing articles, and spicing up numerous earlier text only based articles with illustrative visuals, such as Colors in User Interface, have been noted.

Aadhar14bNice articles, such as Information Visualization For Mobile Applications with a lot of images and out of the box thinking was what won the N97 for Aadhar14b

You can read the official blog entry on Forum Nokia Blogs: Mobile Design Challenge – Part 2 – Winners Announced!. Also, the full list of articles posted by competition’s winners is available here: Articles by June 2009 Mobile Design Challenge Winners.

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