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  • pit 1:16 pm on May 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Mobilising websites: guidelines for WRT Widgets development, part 1 

    More and more initiatives are taking place to promote mobile Widgets in various forms. One example is the Calling All Innovators competition by Nokia, that has a category dedicated to “Internet Innovations”, and where you can submit your mobile applications based on Web technologies.

    So, since there are a lot of opportunities to promote yourself and your work, I started thinking and writing some guidelines that could hopefully help both Web and mobile developers to approach Web Runtime widgets development.

    You can read the first part of this guidelines on my blog on Forum Nokia:

    Mobilising websites: guidelines for WRT Widgets development, part 1

    As always, I would be happy to have any kinds of feedbacks about it :)

  • pit 3:45 pm on May 14, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Android APN Italiani: manage your Italian mobile operator APNs with a click! 

    Here is a brand new Android application! APN Italiani (APN Italy in its English version) is a little handy application, whose purpose is to allow Italian users to easily setup the appropriate APNs for their own mobile operator, without manually typing all the configuration settings.

    Just click on your mobile operator, and you’re done :)

    You can download APN Italiani from this Android Market link.

    A big thank for the APN configuration data goes to Androidiani.com and to TuttoAndroid.net. Thank you guys! :)

    As my the previous Televideo and Codice Fiscale applications, APN Italiani is a free application, so just give it a try and let me know :)

    • stickman 1:13 am on May 15, 2009 Permalink

      Maybe you could work on a way to let the user choose APN data for each button (and maybe also the logo), so any user from any country could benefit from the app.

    • Alex 7:20 pm on May 29, 2009 Permalink

      Downloaded the app but I can’t connect using the Mobile Data Plan. Shows GPRS and 3G connection icons with uplink but no downlink activity. I’m on the 3 euro/week unlimited data plan. The vodafone reps have told me to use wap.omnitel.it which isn’t one of the APNs. Please help!

    • corrado 1:31 pm on June 8, 2009 Permalink

      Ci sarebbe la possibilità di caricare pure i DNS volendo utilizzare quelli di opendns o altri che bloccano la pubblicità “utili per non sprecare banda”…

    • Alex 12:10 am on July 2, 2009 Permalink

      Scaricato l’applicazione, ma non riesco a collegarmi con il Piano di comunicazione mobile. Indica la connessione GPRS e 3G, con le icone di uplink ma non downlink attività. I’m on the 3 euro / settimana piano dati illimitato. Vodafone rappresentanti mi hanno detto di usare wap.omnitel.it che non è uno dei APNs. Please help!

    • Roberto 11:17 am on August 11, 2010 Permalink

      Ciao, sto provando a scaricare l`appliazione apnItaliani ma non riesco a trovarla nè attraverso il market, nè attraverso il tuo blog (questo). ho provato a fare una ricerca sul market ma niente, ho provato a utilizzare il QRCode trovato su http://it.androlib.com/android.application.com-jappit-android-apnitaliani-qBE.aspx ma senza risultato.
      Sei a conoscenza della cosa o succede solo a me?
      come posso scaricare l`applicazione?
      Grazie mille e buon lavoro

    • Tommaso 2:18 pm on August 19, 2010 Permalink

      ho scaricato la tua app su nexus one. Io ho l’operatore Wind e ho notato che gli mms non funzionavano, allora dopo varie ricerche ho scoperto che nell’apn WIND WEB nel campo Tipo APN bisogna scriverci ‘default’ e il nome dell’apn per gli mms deve essere mms.wind (ho provato a cambiarlo e non funzionava). Spero di esserti stato d’aiuto, purtroppo non ho altri nexus one con wind per testare questa configurazione.
      Ciao e complimenti.
      PS: alcune info le ho prese da qua (penultimo post) http://www.windmobile.ca/community/ideas/detail/19937/

    • ale 12:41 pm on November 3, 2011 Permalink

      L’app è fantastica!! complimenti davvero! utility davvero fantastica
      questa app è presente anke su http://www.androidgame.it ke è il mio punto di riferimento per android ma devo dire che qua è tutto fantastico ! Grandissimi

    • gix 10:48 am on September 6, 2012 Permalink

      vorrei scaricarla ma dal link che dai te non lo fa fare… io vorrei utrilizzarla per la connessione ad internet tramite chiavetta internet usb con scheda wind, il programma lo permetterà?! grazie … gix

    • piero 7:37 am on October 12, 2012 Permalink

      Ciao ho Android 4.0.3 ma nn riesco ha farla funzionare. Il mio smart e un htc sensetion grazie per la soluzione ho provato pure ha scarica il tritium ma niente grazie ancora

    • massimiliano 11:37 pm on March 13, 2013 Permalink

      salve, l’ho scaricata su di un acer liquid gallant duo, ma quando cerco di creare gli apn per tim, mi dice che si è verificato un errore nella creazione. Che fare??

  • pit 8:57 pm on May 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Televideo: Android application to browse the italian national and regional teletext 

    Today I would like to present another Android application, after the first one (Codice Fiscale) released some days ago.

    This time I had some fun putting together a free viewer for the Italian teletext (a.k.a. Televideo RAI), that allows users to easily browse national and all regional versions of teletext.

    Cool features of this version include:

    • precaching of pages, that allow fast browing and switching from a page/subpage to the next or previous one
    • ability to save teletext pages as images into the device photo gallery
    • a big onscreen keyboard to allow fast typing of page numbers

    You can download Televideo for Android from this Android Market link, and see what other users (mostly italian) have to say on Cyrket. Feel free to post any kind of feedbacks here :)

    • Leonardo 9:20 am on May 7, 2009 Permalink

      Ciao Alessandro!

      great work! ;-)


    • pit 9:41 am on May 7, 2009 Permalink

      Thanks Leo! :)

    • Paolo 8:03 pm on November 25, 2009 Permalink

      Bellissimo lavoro complimenti!!
      C’è la possibilità che sviluppi una applicazione simile x il televideo di mediaset?

  • pit 12:43 pm on May 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Nokia Developer Summit 2009 

    Nokia Developer Summit took place in MonteCarlo, during April 28-29, and all I can say is that it was a GREAT event.

    Two days of talks, keynotes, presentations, meetings and good people from all around the world made of this event a great opportunity to learn about current and future Nokia plans and to share opinions and thoughts with other developers.

    Summarizing all it up, three were the main point on which Nokia is actually focusing:

    • Web Runtime widgets: a great opportunity for both Web and mobile developers to create cool user experiences for mobile phones, by using easy-to-learn technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), and integrating with lower level device functionalities (via Platform Services), and with the opportunity to put content also on device home screen.
    • QT: this will be, hopefully, the framework leveraging Symbian C++ developers from all the chaos that has always ruled this area. QT promises to be a big step toward ease of learning and use. While other strong mobile platforms are emerging, Nokia had really no more time to focus on developers: apart from giving them a powerful and open platform, this is the time to help them to create applications without worrying about the platform itself.
    • OVI: the Nokia application store is finally near its official launch, and Nokia gave the chance to preview it on real devices. Good user experience, on my opinion, but only distribution and real usage will tell how pervasive it can be (what about an Ovi Store home widget?).

    What about the other technologies? Flash Lite is stronger than ever, and if you’re a Flash Lite developer, don’t miss out the many opportunities out there to promote yourself and your apps, as the Open Screen Project, Nokia’s Calling All Innovators and the Flash Lite Developer Challenge.

    What if you’re a Java ME developer: well, nothing new, really. Just the confirmation that mobile ecosystem is rapidly expanding and, if you don’t want to be left behind, you really have to take a look around. There will be always need of Java ME developers, but coolest things, in this moment, are elsewhere (and telling this as a Java ME enthusiast is a bit sad :) ).


    Apart from the main stream of talks, a tight competition took place among 10 developer teams from all around the globe, that were able to create great looking WRT widgets, from ideas directly coming from consumers, in an incredibly short time. Check out the complete team list here, and congratulate with them all! :)

  • pit 9:26 am on May 4, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    First Android app: calculate your Italian TAX ID (Codice Fiscale) 

    During the last month I’ve been studying and prototyping some Android and iPhone apps, trying to find out the pros and cons of both environments.

    The first test done with Android was a simple single-screen application that allows users to calculate their Italian TAX ID (a.k.a. Codice Fiscale). You can download it from this link, or find out what other users have to say on Cyrket.

    Apart from the app’s rude user interface, here are some first considerations about the Android environment:

    • A visual user interface designer would be just great. Interfaces in Android are declared in plain XML files, so a GUI editor would be the most natural thing, but it’s just not here right now.
    • For J2ME developers, Android is the heaven of programming. Just think about a missing feature in your J2ME environment: Android just has it! And, even if you’re not a J2ME developer (what have you done the last 10 years? :) ), you’ll find one of the most complete programming environments in the mobile ecosystem.
    • Android Market, right now, cannot compete with iPhone AppStore. It’s just not attractive, with poor features to highlight local/regional content, and it’s closed to companies outside UK/US (at least, if you want to sell your apps).

    I’ll just continue testing and tweaking, and hopefully come back with more detailed considerations in the next posts. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear your opinion and discuss about Android development!

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