Televideo: Android application to browse the italian national and regional teletext

Today I would like to present another Android application, after the first one (Codice Fiscale) released some days ago.

This time I had some fun putting together a free viewer for the Italian teletext (a.k.a. Televideo RAI), that allows users to easily browse national and all regional versions of teletext.

Cool features of this version include:

  • precaching of pages, that allow fast browing and switching from a page/subpage to the next or previous one
  • ability to save teletext pages as images into the device photo gallery
  • a big onscreen keyboard to allow fast typing of page numbers

You can download Televideo for Android from this Android Market link, and see what other users (mostly italian) have to say on Cyrket. Feel free to post any kind of feedbacks here :)

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