Nokia S60 5th Edition is out: long life to the Web! 

Big news for all Nokia followers! Nokia has just launched S60 5th Edition together with the first device supporting it: the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

For all nightly coders, SDK is already available here.

New improvements and features are available for quite every supported technologies, but biggest ones seems to be related to Flash Lite and Web platforms.

Both Web and Flash Lite developers now gain access to a previously unavailable (at least, without using any external engine, like KuneriLite or Janus) set of infos and platform services that will allow them to finally build full-blown apps with native functionalities, and no more simple web-aware ones.

A quick tour of these will explain why we should expect great Flash Lite (and Web) apps in the next future:

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Logs
  • Messaging (SMS and MMS)
  • device location and landmarks
  • system information
  • sensors

Nokia direction towards Web technologies was already clear (Widget Contributions Contest has just finished on Forum Nokia Wiki), but now we finally have a platform that could let those technologies literally explore new paths.