Nokia S60 5th edition and Java: pointerPressed() to the rescue?

Let’s be honest: how many of you usually implement pointer handlers when writing Java ME applications?

It’s a matter of fact: touch-based devices are mostly Windows Mobile based, and there’s never been deep love between Microsoft smartphones and MIDlets. SonyEricsson and Motorola tried the way with some similar devices too, but without great success, cause also an audience (and a technology) not yet mature enough for the mobile touch revolution, officially started by the loved/hated (choose the one you prefer) iPhone.

Now that Nokia finally introduces touchscreen on its top devices, things should finally start to change. Some Java ME frameworks (e.g.: TWUIK) already offer powerful touch-based interfaces (just check out their video gallery), but I’ll bet my 2 cents that we’ll see a whole lot more iPhone-style Java ME apps in the next few weeks.

Touch apart, for those of you wondering about the long awaited and ever wanted OverlayControl and brothers from AMMS, no luck: 5th edition still lacks them all and, as S60 3rd edition FP2, only supports music and audio3d capabilities.

Generally speaking, S60 5th edition introduced really (really!) few news for Java developers (apart from the touch interface, of course): Is this a symptom of Java maturity, or of its approaching deadline? And, above all, isn’t this question a bit old..?

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