Mobile Mtv Blog Uploader: yet another FlashLite and J2ME apps!

As told some days ago, MtvMobile launched 2 phones with its initial offer as virtual mobile operator. And, for these 2 phones (a Nokia 5320 and a SE W760), 2 cool applications were lauched. I’ve already talked about Mtv OnDemand, a FlashLite and Java ME streaming video player that allows users to view selected MTV videos, and download related content (like ringtones and wallpapers).

Now it’s time to view the other one: it’s called Blog, and it’s a simple and effective mobile blog uploader. blog Uploader screenshots

Using this app, users are able to upload contents (photos, videos, audio or simple text) from their mobile phone directly on their Mtv blog. As for Mtv OnDemand, there are both a Java ME and a Flash Lite version of this app, quite identical in both their interface and functionalities.

As for the other one, I’ll post complete videos of this app as soon as I have it working again :)

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