Mtv On Demand: new FlashLite and Java ME apps released!

Last friday (July 11th) was a big mobile day here in Italy: apart from the worldwide release of iPhone 3G (sold in Italy at something like 3 times the USA price…), MTV became virtual mobile operator!

MTV Mobile logo

For its initial launch (you can see some photos of the launch event on Flickr) MTV released 2 phones: a Nokia 5320 Xpress Music and a Sony Ericsson W760, both heavily customized with special covers and themes.

But, what really interests to us, is the launch of 2 embedded applications on these phones :)

The first one is called Mtv On Demand, and it’s a streaming video player that allows to view selected videos from MTV programs. The interface is pretty slick, and allows users to navigate video galleries using LEFT/RIGHT keys, while with UP/DOWN they’ll scroll videos within a single category.

MtvOnDemand screenshots

Interesing thing is that this app was built on each phone using different technologies: FlashLite for Nokia 5320 and Java ME for SE W760, so, reproducing the same look&feel and functionalities with 2 traditionally so-different technologies.

Since I currently have not an MTV SIM and phone, I cannot make a video of the app itself, but I’ll post it (and also post about the 2nd application ;) ) asap!

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