J2ME Google Maps API is article of the week on Forum Nokia!

I’m really happy to announce that my J2ME Google Maps API article on Forum Nokia Wiki has been selected as Article of the Week! :)

J2ME Google Maps API Article of the Week

And, to celebrate this event, I’ve added a brand new feature to my article that will allow you to:

  • create larger tiled maps
  • support map scrolling

How does it work?

You start instantiating a GoogleMaps object as usual:

GoogleMaps gMap = new GoogleMaps("API_KEY");

Then you get your map, for example geocoding a given address:

double[] coords = gMap.geocodeAddress("Leicester square, London");
Image mapImage = gMap.retrieveStaticImage(
	150, 150,
	coords[0], coords[1],
	12, "png"

Then, let’s say you want to scroll your map 100 pixels up, what you’ll do is:

double[] newCoords = gMap.adjust(
	coords[0], coords[1],
	0, -100, 12
Image newMapImage = gMap.retrieveStaticImage(
	150, 150,
	newCoords[0], newCoords[1],
	12, "png"

As you’ve seen, the adjust method takes these arguments:

  • the current latitude and longitude
  • the deltaX and deltaY, in pixels
  • the current zoom level

and returns the new map center latitude and longitude coordinates.

You can check the full updated source code on Forum Nokia Wiki article: J2ME Google Maps API, and a full-featured example, with the scrolling feature, on the emulator page: J2ME Google Maps API in action.

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