HttpMultipartRequest: simple file uploads with J2ME

Today’s code is related to file uploads using J2ME. We’ll use Http POST MultiPart requests to handle and transfer data from J2ME application to server; since there is no builtin support for MultiPart, we’ll have to build the request body by hand.

j2me file upload sample screenshot

Code is limited to 1 class only (HttpMultipartRequest), that will be easy to include and easy in your code, just instatiate it with its constructor:

HttpMultipartRequest(String url, Hashtable params,
String fileField, String fileName,
String fileType, byte[] fileBytes)

and then send data to server (and get response) with its send() method. As you can see from the constructor, this implementation support also parameter passing, that will be posted to server together with the file bytes.

Detailed and explained code (with sample client and server code) is available here: HTTP Post multipart file upload with J2ME Wiki article. To directly download source code, click here.

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