J2ME game code: let’s play Darts!

Darts is an ideal game for mobile users, since it does only require few seconds for a match, and could be really helpful while waiting for a bus.. (If you must wait a bus in Rome, it’s easy you’ll become a Darts champion within a day :))

J2ME game darts screenshot

This simple game was originally included, as easter egg, in the midlet built for 2007 Edition of Rome JavaDay, to help folks being awake during long talks :) For a live test you can go directly to the emulator page.

2007 Rome JavaDay Midlet screenshot

Now, It’s source code is fully available to everyone to (ab)use, and please be kind with me for the total lack of comments…

Here is the source code, and the full sample midlet if you want to try it out on your phone.

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