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  • pit 11:07 am on April 14, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Customizing game sprites with J2ME 

    You know, my great passion are games, and here’s a first game-related tutorial :)

    Often in games a nice feature to give to users it the possibility to customize their own character, for example changing colors of the different parts (hairs, eyes, shirt, and so on).

    To support this features there are 2 possibilities:

    • Include a different image for each color of each different part
    • Replace colors by code

    The second options will save you the effort to create these multiple images, and will strip down your JAR size. Also, it will allow you to support a lot more colors.

    You can see a simple midlet showing how this can be done with simple code on the emulator page

    For the full source code you can visit the Forum Nokia Wiki page: J2ME Customizing Game Sprites Color

  • pit 10:55 am on April 12, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    How to draw gradients with J2ME 

    Gradients are a nice graphic element to be used within your game or application. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could use all the gradients you want, without using images?

    And here is the Saturday Tutorial :)

    Draw gradients with J2me

    The gradients shown in the screenshot above are generated by the following straightforward method:

    Gradient.gradientBox(Graphics g, 
    	int color1, int color2, 
    	int left, int top, 
    	int width, int height, 
    	int orientation)

    For the full source code you can see the J2me Gradient tutorial on Forum Nokia Wiki

  • pit 8:25 am on April 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    How to build a tab menu with J2ME 

    Here is a tutorial showing how to build a simple tabbed menu using J2ME, that you can try live on the emulator page

    J2me tabbed menu
    This first version will support:

    • Full styling of tabs (bg color, fore color, font face, margin, paddings and corner radius)
    • Automatic horizontal scrolling, so that you can put as many tab you want, without caring about screen width

    There’s still a lot of room for improvements, but we’ll leave them for the next tutorial :)

    You can find a detailed tutorial with source code on Form Nokia Wiki: J2ME Tabbed Menu Tutorial.

    Direct links to source code:

    • TabMenu.java: main class, to include in your projects to build Tabbed Menus
    • TabMenuCanvas.java: a sample Canvas using TabMenu component, useful to understand how to use it
    • Krishna 5:14 pm on March 4, 2009 Permalink


      Im trying to do this tabbed menu, feature but struggling a lot since im not that good in Canvas. from your tutorial i got the menu with horizontal scroll. i want to build some graphs and text info in each of the tabs , im not sure where to change to get the display, can you please throw some light on it.


    • anchol 5:21 am on June 4, 2009 Permalink


      I have an example J2ME web services. when I connect to the server, the server does not receive unicode characters (utf-8). What can I do here.

    • k c wang 2:38 pm on October 31, 2009 Permalink

      I’ve tried to get this to work without modifications, but Eclipse emulator keeps saying the main class is not a midlet !!! In fact, it would not even start except with having to run the configuration setup, and then the emulator stops with the error message. I see there is no startApp() method, and no call to display the stuff…..is this the problem?

    • rohit 11:57 pm on September 17, 2010 Permalink

      hi can , we nest another tabbed menu inside othe , i very new to j2me so plz help

  • pit 10:48 am on April 10, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Building a J2ME vertical scrollable text component 

    Everyone needs scrollable text, soon or late :)

    This is the reason why I’ve posted a simple tutorial on how vertical scrollable text can be implemented with J2ME.

    Scrollable text screenshot

    You can find it on Forum Nokia Wiki: J2me Scrollable Text tutorial

    Comments are welcome!

    • Jonas L 9:51 pm on July 5, 2008 Permalink

      Hi.. Nice example.. but how should the “getTextRows(…)” look like ??

    • pit 5:33 pm on July 17, 2008 Permalink

      Hi Jonas!

      I’ve added the missing method on Wiki article :)

      Hope it helps!

    • Tyler 12:43 pm on April 25, 2009 Permalink


    • knights123 7:15 am on August 4, 2009 Permalink


      I’m trying to integrate this part of code into my application.but im unable to do so..

      Can u please send the complete source code of this.

      It would be very helpful to me

      Thanks in advance.

    • dj 11:29 am on January 16, 2010 Permalink

      hi, ive tested this code but i cant seem to make the scroll up and down to work using the keycodes. can you please help me? thanks and more power!

  • pit 9:46 pm on April 9, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Forum Nokia Wiki.. my first article! 

    Forum Nokia Wiki

    Yeah, I’ve finally done it!

    Forum Nokia Wiki is a precious source for any kind of mobile related problems or questions, and now I’m really happy to have found the time to post my first article, that is…

    How to implement custom Text Fields with J2ME!

    Hope you’ll find it useful :)

    EDIT: you can now test the custom Text Field component with the web emulator here.

    • Tyler 7:55 am on May 8, 2009 Permalink

      it is easy to implement.

  • pit 9:37 am on April 9, 2008 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: advert, , paint   

    KuneriLite: Nokia N95 advert with Microsoft Paint, cool! 

    KuneriLite is a superb tool to build rich applications on Symbian S60 phones using FlashLite, allowing to access native phone funcionalities that would be otherwise unaccessible. I’m currently developing some apps with it, and I’ll post more on this later.

    By now, just take a look at how cool is this advert made by KuneriLite team, using Microsoft Paint.. I think it’s terrific!

    It’s absolutely worth a Digg!

    Edit: you can use also this new Digg link

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