Building a fisheye menu in J2ME with JSR 226

I’ve always loved fisheye menus but, while there are quite a lot of ready-to-use components for web applications, when it comes to mobile it’s hard to find something. What better reason to build one? :)

Since we’ll have dynamically resizable icons, a natural choice to build one with J2ME is JSR 226, that give us full support of SVG Tiny. This will limit portability of code, since this JSR is not supported on all J2me phones, but support is rapidly growing with latest generation phones.

As you’ll see, code is quite straightforward, and great part of it is dedicated to coordinates/size calculations, to create that “slide/resize” effect that is soooooo cool :)

J2ME fisheye menu

You can find menu source code on my Forum Nokia Wiki article: J2ME Fisheye Menu with JSR 226, or download sample midlet here (and source code here).

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