AnimaLogic: S60 Web Runtime game

I’ve got some fun with my friend Fabio in creating a first game for Nokia Web Runtime.

Since Web Runtime allows building mobile applications with classic web technologies, we’ve used nothing more that html, css and plain-old-good javascript… isn’t it great? :D

Animalogic Web Runtime game

It’s a very first alpha release with not too much functionalities (local hi-scores and a single game mode), but feel free to take a try :)

The main interface was done using classical <a> elements to represent the menu options, but this has 2 important drawbacks, as you can see:

  • links (like also input fields and other focusable elements) when focused are surrounded by a thick border: not really beautiful..
  • managing of focus itself, between different screens, is not easy, so it happens that focus sometimes disappears, or starts from the last menu options, or other odd things.

Next release will try to solve those and other issues… meanwhile, we’ll be happy of any kind of feedback about it :)

Download Web Runtime AnimaLogic

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